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Tuesday, 21st June

Lot No:  1 (Rugs)

A Persian Madras rug with central star design on a flowering ivory field contained by many running borders 2.3m x 1.5m

Lot No:  2 (Rugs)

A Shiraz rug with two geometric medallions on a red field contained with running borders 150cm x 110cm

Lot No:  3 (Rugs)

A Savonnerie rug with central medalion on a gold field contained by running borders 230 x 150cm

Lot No:  4 (Rugs)

A large fine woollen rug with William Morris style floral designs on a coral field and floral border 246cm x 171cm

Lot No:  5 (Rugs)

A Bokhara rug with geometric gulls on a rose field with many borders 170x125 cm

Lot No:  6 (Rugs)

A large Afghan carpet with geometric gulls on a deep red field contained by many borders 295cm x 238cm

Lot No:  7 (Rugs)

A Bokhara rug with geometric gulls on a jade field contained by running borders 170 x 125 cm

Lot No:  8 (Rugs)

A Senneh rug with central design on a decorated dark blue field contained by many borders 179cm x 122cm

Lot No:  9 (Rugs)

A Belouch rug with triple pole medallion on a blue contained by borders 187 x 100cm

Lot No:  10 (Rugs)

A large Pakistan rug with diamond lozenges on a beige field with many borders

Lot No:  11 (Rugs)

A peach Tibetan rug with multi coloured border 183 x 122cm

Lot No:  12 (Rugs)

A large Shiraz carpet with pole medallion and a gull decorated red field contained by running borders 330 x 152cm

Lot No:  13 (Rugs)

A Madras runner with triple medallions and all over floral designs contained by many borders 280 x 75cm

Lot No:  14 (Rugs)

A small hand knotted Persian quasqui rug

Lot No:  15 (Rugs)

A fine Aubusson rug with flowering designs on a blue striped field and cream border 2.6m x 1.7m

Lot No:  16 (Rugs)

A small woven burgundy Kelim rug decorated in snowflake line design

Lot No:  17 (Rugs)

A Persian Quashqai carpet with central lozenge on a zoomorphic red ground and running borders 2.5m x 1.3m

Lot No:  18 (Rugs)

A brown woollen Belouch prayer rug

Lot No:  19 (Rugs)

A small woollen blue/gold Persian woven rug

Lot No:  20 (Rugs)

A Russian Kassak rug decorated with ice blue and coral panels having a flower and blue border

Lot No:  21 (Mirrors)

A pair of large faux crocodile skin framed mirrors

Lot No:  22 (Furniture)

A 19th century mahogany adjustable piano stool upholstered in aubergine and gold striped velvet

Lot No:  23 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A 19th century gilt framed oil on paper card romantic Dutch river scene

Lot No:  24 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A set of four limited edition coloured prints of fauna signed and numbered in pencil Veronica Charlesworth

Lot No:  25 (Silver)

An American four piece silver plated tea set together with a silver plated twin handled serving tray

Lot No:  26 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A pair of ebonized framed antique prints

Lot No:  27 (Silver)

A set of six Garrards dessert forks hallmarked for Sheffield 1965

Lot No:  28 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A pair of ebonized framed miniature portraits

Lot No:  29 (Glass)

A crystal .357 Magnum from the Armes Collection produced by Cristalleries Royale de Champagne, Bayel, France

Lot No:  30 (General)

A pewter three piece tea set and bachelors teapot by Dixon and Sons

Lot No:  31 (General)

A silvered bronze transatlantic medal stamped L Patriarche

Lot No:  32 (Ceramics)

A Limoges coffee service for eight with imperial eagle and Napoleon motifs on a cream ground

Lot No:  33 (Rugs)

A large golden/brown "Harris" design rug from Persia ***WITHDRAWN***

Lot No:  34 (Ceramics)

A Dutch blue and white extensive tea service for ten by Maestricht

Lot No:  35 (Glass)

A pair of etched glass spill vases with hallmarked silver mounted collars

Lot No:  36 (Silver)

Six Georgian hallmarked silver tea spoons bright cut decorated together with matching sugar tongs

Lot No:  37 (Silver)

A silver plated twin bottle wine cooler

Lot No:  38 (Ceramics)

A set of three Victorian blue and white meat salvers.

Lot No:  39 (Jewellery)

A gold cross set with central stone on an 18ct gold chain

Lot No:  40 (General)

Corgi boxed lorry plus matchbox boxed lorry along with three walking sticks and a German dictionary.

Lot No:  41 (Jewellery)

Two silver pendants on chains

Lot No:  42 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed and glazed sepia wash pen and ink portrait of a woman in profile

Lot No:  43 (General)

A vintage Falks Caprice red painted convector heater

Lot No:  44 (Furniture)

A Vintage French framed and glazed textile print from the Sally Hunter Gallery and two other acrylic design on canvas board

Lot No:  45 (General)

A Chinese leather on wood pillow box decorated with ladies in a garden scene

Lot No:  46 (Silver)

A set of three silver plated twin handled ice buckets stamped Roderer

Lot No:  47 (General)

A bronze transatlantic medallion SS Antilles stamped R Delamarre in original box

Lot No:  48 (Ceramics)

A commemorative Moorcroft Pottery plate decorated with a sage green ground with ribbons and fruit design and "Temple Mills, Spitalfield 1961" to the border

Lot No:  49 (Jewellery)

An 18ct white gold and sapphire ladies dress ring together with an 18ct white gold wedding ring

Lot No:  50 (Ceramics)

A delicate small Moorcroft lamp decorated with fresias on a cream ground

Lot No:  51 (Rugs)

A large Eastern rug with central medallion on a sky blue field with corner spandrel detail contained by many running border

Lot No:  52 (Ceramics)

Two 1930's Carlton ware ceramic posy rings of circular form and one other square Shelley example

Lot No:  53 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed Italian oil on canvas behind glass portrait of a lady, indistinctly signed and dated 1951

Lot No:  54 (Ceramics)

A Royal Falconware model of a diamond dove together with four Grays Pottery pin trays together with Royal Doulton dessert service for six

Lot No:  55 (Jewellery)

An 18ct white gold tennis bracelet set with sapphires

Lot No:  56 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A 19th century gilt framed oil on canvas of a forest path, possibly German or Russian (relined)

Lot No:  57 (Bronze)

A bronze model of Quan Yin standing on a lotus leaf

Lot No:  58 (Lighting)

A gilt metal and glass five tier basket electrolier

Lot No:  59 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A 20th century French oil on canvas "La Rue de L'Abrevoir a Montmartres, Paris" by Rene Zimmerman, signed.

Lot No:  60 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed and glazed watercolour castle and meadow scene signed Leeson Rowbotham

Lot No:  61 (Silver)

A pair of silver plated twin handled champagne coolers of cartouche form with beadwork and grape decoration in relief

Lot No:  62 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Four various oil painting landscape scenes

Lot No:  63 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A 19th century gilt framed oil on canvas woodland scene bearing monogram and dated 1897

Lot No:  64 (Glass)

A large lead crystal fruit bowl having diamond cut design and floral panels.

Lot No:  65 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A box framed Georgian cut paper relief picture "The Blind Man, Redford" circa 1800. Provenance: Judkyn/Pratt Collection, Christies November 8th 1995 - Lot 69.

Lot No:  66 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An unframed limited edition colour print "Millennium" signed in pencil W A C Dawson

Lot No:  67 (General)

A large teak oar

Lot No:  68 (General)

A cased steel carving set with silver mounted horn handles together with a set of six fish knives and forks in a mahogany case

Lot No:  69 (General)

A glamorous "Phase Eight" evening dress of metallic bronze lace having glass bead and sequin embroidered into the fabric with matching bolero - Size 12. With a pair of Size 6 silver pumps.

Lot No:  70 (Bronze)

A bronze model of a Tang horse

Lot No:  71 (Silver)

Four English silver and enamel Masonic medallions, one example with ram's head inset with red glass eyes, another from River Jordan lodge and two others. Fully hallmarked.

Lot No:  72 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Three 19th century coloured engravings by Thomas Landseer - monkeys up to mischief

Lot No:  73 (General)

A carved Black Forest figure of a seated bear with open mouth expression, a Black Forest bear in walking pose, circa 1900/1920 and a treen and bone light handle

Lot No:  74 (Silver)

An early 19th century Dutch 800 silver anniversary spoon decorated with mother, baby and two children finial

Lot No:  75 (General)

A large 19th century penwork treen table snuff box in the form of a well detailed fish

Lot No:  76 (Silver)

An early 19th century Dutch 800 silver anniversary spoon with scholar and child finial

Lot No:  77 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An etching of a factory scene picture circa 1920, pencil signed Lawrence Bell, framed & glazed, picture size 18x20cm

Lot No:  78 (General)

A fine oriental silk wall hanging

Lot No:  79 (Jewellery)

A 2.83ct brilliant cut cognac diamond unmounted with EGL certificate

Lot No:  80 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed and glazed turn of the century watercolour heightened with gouache of Italian coastal view

Lot No:  81 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A Selwood oil on board of a circus tent audience set in a white frame, 44x53cm

Lot No:  82 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An unframed Impressionist oil on board view to Castille with runner. Monogrammed for Thomas John Coates

Lot No:  83 (Bronze)

An Art Deco bronze paper knife, the handle with stylized birds and flora and the top as a clowns head, together with another bronze paper knife in the form of a stag's head.

Lot No:  84 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A possibly 19th century gilt framed oil on canvas portrait of a young man drinking, indistinctly signed

Lot No:  85 (Silver)

A pair of silver candlesticks stamped 750

Lot No:  86 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed and glazed mixed media image by Joe Ice entitled "Porsche for Sale", signed and dated.

Lot No:  87 (Ceramics)

A 19th century Chinese Famille rose jar and cover with alternating panels of figural images and character marks

Lot No:  88 (General)

A pair of large Arts and Crafts Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild (unmarked) electroplated copper bowls with large central stylized rose and with five raised divisions. c1900

Lot No:  89 (Jewellery)

An emerald cut diamond solitaire set on a platinum band

Lot No:  90 (General)

A group of five compacts comprising a hexagonal yellow enamel and chrome example, a butterfly wing compact of naval interest with image of HMS Adda, a chequered white metal compact, a cased Burberrys compact and lipstick, a black enamelled and brass example, a miniature silver perfume bottle and funnel and an original Burberrys ladies wallet

Lot No:  91 (Jewellery)

A brilliant cut diamond solitaire dress ring set in 18ct gold band

Lot No:  92 (General)

A group of three miniature silver items comprising an antique model of a hiking boot, a silver filigree of a cockerell, and a miniature silver 17th century style chair all with stamped marks

Lot No:  93 (Jewellery)

An 18ct ladies dress ring set with central ruby flanked by two diamonds

Lot No:  94 (Ceramics)

A good French enamel plaque signed Duban et Christen, Limoges depicting a landscape and windmill scene early to mid 20th century and three enamel dishes two in the form of fish and the other an abstract.

Lot No:  95 (Silver)

A group of four Oriental novelty silver spoons, the handles formed with a rickshaw, a Pagoda, an arch and a Buddha; together with three Japanese novelty silver menu holders, an American Art Nouveau plated serving spoon, and a cased box of 6 replica hand produced 5th century Taxila Spoons

Lot No:  96 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A hand painted 19th century porcelain plaque of oval shape and depicting a serene image of a mother and daughter hugging in a gilt metal frame

Lot No:  97 (Jewellery)

A 9ct white gold wedding band, a stainless steel ring and a gentleman's wristwatch

Lot No:  98 (Glass)

A multicoloured overlaid glass jug having millefiori decoration, red interior and black handle

Lot No:  99 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An original framed small Les Maitres de L'Affiche poster, plate 184 with Imperial Chaix blindstamp titles "A Trip to Chinatown" by the Beggarstaff Brothers, published Paris 1899

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