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Monday, 15th September

Lot No:  1 (Glass)

A Whitefriars large Nuts & Bolts pewter vase, pattern no. 9668, designed by Geoffrey Baxter, H. 26cm.

Lot No:  2 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Ming dynasty octagonal blue and white dish, decorated with figures in a garden, D. 12cm.

Lot No:  3 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Sung period black glaze water vessel, with incised foliate decoration, H. 12cm

Lot No:  4 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A lapis lazuli hardstone bangle, of thirteen oval plaques

Lot No:  5 (Clocks)

An early 20th century carriage timepiece, retailed by Dent, corniche case with bevelled glass plates, the white enamel dial marked Dent, Pall Mall, London, set out in Roman numerals, H. 13cm.

Lot No:  6 (Works of Art)

A late 19th century Japanese carved hardwood figure of a fisherman, H. 16cm.

Lot No:  7 (Ceramics)

A William Moorcroft Anemone pattern trumpet shaped vase, raised on a foot, signed to base, H. 28cm.

Lot No:  8 (General)

A rectangular bone box, the lid decorated with a saucy scene of Japanese folk in congress, W. 11cm.

Lot No:  9 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An 18th century Chinese Kangxi period blue and white globe-shaped vase, the narrow flared neck with knop, decorated with flowers and pendants, blue and white leaf mark to base, on a carved hardwood base, H. 35cm total.

Lot No:  10 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A 19th Century tea dust glaze bowl, D. 11cm.

Lot No:  11 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A late 19th Century Tibetan figuer of budhha, cast brass with flower mark to base, H. 7cm

Lot No:  12 (Jewellery)

A diamond solitaire ring, with a square setting on a white metal band, 2g.

Lot No:  13 (Fashion & Textiles)

A mink fur collar, with brown silk lining; together with two further black collars, possibly seal fur.

Lot No:  14 (Lighting)

An early 20th century ormolu electrolier, with six branches of sinuous leaf-form, H. 64cm.

Lot No:  15 (Silver)

A silver christening mug, Sheffield 1934, engraved with ownership initials, 4ozt.

Lot No:  16 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Qing dynasty white metal necklace, cast in the form of dragon and rider, suspended with five bells

Lot No:  17 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A horn bangle, central diameter 5.5cm

Lot No:  18 (Jewellery)

A diamond solitaire ring, approx. 0.35ct, the illusion claw setting on an 18ct white gold band, 3.3g.

Lot No:  19 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A yellow soapstone seal, carved with a dragon surmount on a square base, H. 7cm

Lot No:  20 (Ceramics)

A Chelsea Pottery dish, decorated with an anemone, signed with decorator initials, D. 15cm.

Lot No:  21 (Ceramics)

An early 20th century German dressing table pot and cover, by Reinhold & Schlegelmilch, together with another similar.

Lot No:  22 (Ceramics)

A 1970's ceramic tankard by Bay of yellow cream and red glazes, H. 15cm, together with a brown glaze vase and a red vase with ring lug handles, (3)

Lot No:  23 (Jewellery)

A pair of diamond multi-cluster ear studs, approx. 1ct, set in 18ct white gold with screw-back fittings, 3.8g.

Lot No:  24 (Ceramics)

A third-quarter 19th century Mason's hydra jug, H.16cm.

Lot No:  25 (Silver)

A late 19th century white metal picture frame, probably Dutch/Indian, in the form of a tiger prowling amongst trees with monkeys and deer, 11.5 ozt.

Lot No:  26 (Lighting)

A pair of early 20th century ormolu three-branch candlesticks, with putti support, now converted for electricity, H. 33cm.

Lot No:  27 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A jade pendant, oval pierced and carved with flowers

Lot No:  28 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A coral necklace of regular torpedo shaped beads, L. 86cm

Lot No:  29 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Hetian jade pendant, modelled in the form of two birds, H. 5cm

Lot No:  30 (Lighting)

A 20th century three-tier crystal light, the primary ring with leaf-cast decoration, H. 31cm, together with additional drops.

Lot No:  31 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A green jade bangle, internal diameter 5.5cm

Lot No:  32 (Jewellery)

A diamond three-stone ring, approx. 1.01ct total, the three stones with claw-mounted illusion setting, in 18ct white gold, 4.2g.

Lot No:  33 (Ceramics)

A Kosta Boda clear glass bucket with chrome bail handle, H. 12cm together with a Wenna Bishop cylindrical blue glass vase, H. 25cm and three other items of art glass, (5)

Lot No:  34 (Toys, Dolls, Games)

A set of 20th century cast metal chess figures, Romans vs Visigoths, king H. 10 cm, together with a chess board.

Lot No:  35 (Furniture)

A yellow ceramic reporduction of Arne Jacobsen Swan chair, used as a window display, H. 13cm, together with another similar of series 7 chair, (2)

Lot No:  36 (Lighting)

An Art Nouveau style three-branch brass electrolier, H. 45cm.

Lot No:  37 (General)

Charlie and his Orchestra, 'The King's Horses', 78 rpm record, the B-side 'I'm Putting all my Eggs in One Basket', a Nazi propaganda record released in late 1941.

Lot No:  38 (Furniture)

A George IV mahogany games and work table, the drop-leaf top with reversible central section above an apron drawer on ring turned tapering legs ending in brass caps and casters W. 51 cm.

Lot No:  39 (Jewellery)

A pair of sapphire and diamond cluster ear studs, the oval sapphire with a band of claw-set diamonds on 18ct white gold, 4.1g.

Lot No:  40 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

After John Young, Spitfire over London Bridge, lithograph limited edition no. 162/495 with certificate of authenticity, D. 25cm tondo; together with another similar above Buckingham Palace.

Lot No:  41 (General)

A meerschaum pipe, the bowl carved in the form of a Turk's head, with amber shaft, L. 15cm, together with another carved in the form of a hunting dog. (2)

Lot No:  42 (General)

A small rectangular bone box, the lid engraved with a two-masted sailing vessel passing a lighthouse, W. 6.5cm.

Lot No:  43 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A late 19th Century white crackle glaze baluster shaped vase, H. 11cm.

Lot No:  44 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

After James Pollard, Newmarket Races, framed lithograph, 15cm x 20cm; together with two further sporting prints. (3)

Lot No:  45 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

20th century Continental School, Women on the Fish Quay, oil on canvas, 49cm x 68cm.

Lot No:  46 (Jewellery)

A diamond line necklace, approx. 1ct total, set in 9ct white gold, 16.7g.

Lot No:  47 (General)

A vintage Slazenger Demon "fish tail" tennis racket, circa 1900, with press

Lot No:  48 (Jewellery)

A two-stone diamond ring, the cross-over setting with claw-set stones of approx. 1.03 ct total, on a white gold band, 4.4g.

Lot No:  49 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An early 20th century Japanese eggshell beaker, decorated with Samurai, H. 8.5cm.

Lot No:  50 (Ceramics)

A Royal Doulton Morning Dew tea and dinner service, comprising a casserole, tea pot, milk jug, pepper and salt, six cups and saucers, one tea plate, four breakfast plates, nine dinner plates and four beakers.

Lot No:  51 (Jewellery)

A pair of diamond ear studs, approx. 0.25ct total, set in 18ct white gold.

Lot No:  52 (Jewellery)

A multi-cluster diamond ring, the circular platform claw set in 18ct white gold, 2.5g.

Lot No:  53 (Clocks)

An early 20th century Viennese style regulator, within a typical case, the dial set out with Roman numerals, H. 76cm.

Lot No:  54 (Jewellery)

A diamond bracelet, with rub-over settings in 18ct white gold, 10.7g.

Lot No:  55 (General)

A collection of four Matchbox Adventure 2000 vehicles. (4)

Lot No:  56 (Toys, Dolls, Games)

A Dinky Toys Alvis Scorpion Tank; together with a German Half-track Rocket Launcher, a Medium Artillery Tractor, US Jeep and an Austin Champ. (5)

Lot No:  57 (Fashion & Textiles)

12 pairs of fur tails, possibly mink, together with a mink stole; and another pelt, possibly seal skin.

Lot No:  58 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

After James Pollard, Scenes on the Road or A Trip to Epsom and Back, coloured engraving, 30cm x 48cm; together with another Kennington Gate.

Lot No:  59 (General)

A bone box, the lid decorated with figures loading a vessel in harbour.

Lot No:  60 (Jewellery)

A pair of diamond ear studs, approx. 2.25ct total, the central stone of oval brilliant cut within a band of further smaller stones, on 18ct white gold with screw-back fittings, 4.4g.

Lot No:  61 (Ceramics)

A pair of early 20th century large pottery vases, glazed in royal blue with a gilt chinoserie decoration, H. 31cm.

Lot No:  62 (Jewellery)

A pair of diamond ear studs of approx. 1.06ct, set in white gold with screw-backs, 3.6g.

Lot No:  63 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An early 20th century Chinese blue and white plate, decorated with a junk in sail, D. 31cm, together with Chinese style blue and white plate. (2)

Lot No:  64 (Toys, Dolls, Games)

A 19th century ivory chess set, one side stained red, the other natural, king H. 10cm, in a later associated rectangular mahogany box.

Lot No:  65 (Lighting)

An early 20th Century American brass oil lamp by R E Dietz, with a clear and partial red glass lens within a brass cage, possibly for use on railways, H. 44cm

Lot No:  66 (Jewellery)

A solitaire diamond ring, in a rub-over setting, on a 9ct gold band; together with a ruby and diamond ring and a white stone eternity band, 6.8g total.

Lot No:  67 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An early 20th Century Satsuma vase, decorated with birds and foliate lug handles, H. 42cm

Lot No:  68 (Silver)

A clear glass and silver mounted decnater, London 1926, of tapering form, H. 29cm.

Lot No:  69 (Lighting)

A 20th century table lamp, the mahogany base with gallery and twin handles incorporating an thermometer and barometer, W. 38 cm.

Lot No:  70 (General)

A Remington portable typewriter, in black Rexine travelling case.

Lot No:  71 (Ceramics)

A quantity of 20th century ceramics, including a commemorative Papal plates, and German white ceramic tea service; together with a plate rack.

Lot No:  72 (General)

A Black & White half-bottle of whiskey; together with another half-bottle, a bottle of Famous Grouse, and a bottle of Spanish brandy.

Lot No:  73 (Jewellery)

A 9ct gold pendant, modelled in the form of Concorde, 3.6g.

Lot No:  74 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A 20th century Japanese black lacquer fan, the web of gilt paper depicting cranes and a sunset, 101 cm.

Lot No:  75 (Ceramics)

A Doulton stoneware Queen Victorian Dimond jubilee comemorative jug with silver lip, H. 16cm, together with a small quantity of sundry ceramics, (qty)

Lot No:  76 (Ceramics)

An Imari pattern bleeding bowl, D. 26cm; together with two other Imari dishes. (3)

Lot No:  77 (Silver)

A quantity of plated ware, including an oval gallery tray, muffing dish, toast rack and bottle coaster. (qty)

Lot No:  78 (Rugs)

A Tabriz rug, with a central brick red oval medallion, 173cm x 124cm; together with another larger rug.

Lot No:  79 (Ceramics)

A 20th Century Bavaria silver lustre tea service for six place settings

Lot No:  80 (Silver)

Three late Victorian graduated jug, decorated with flowers on a white ground, tallest H. 23cm. (3)

Lot No:  81 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Gerald Kelly, Siamese Lady, published Frost & Reed, 1963, 65cm x 52cm.

Lot No:  82 (Silver)

A sliver heart shaped pin dish, Birmingham 1894, together with a small two handled trophy cup, 3.5 ozt (2).

Lot No:  83 (Lighting)

A pair of brass six-branch ceiling lights, with square swan neck arms, W. 70cm. (2)

Lot No:  84 (Jewellery)

A natural coral necklace of irregular shards, 154cm, together with five other short necklaces (6)

Lot No:  85 (Silver)

A four piece silver-plated tea service, engraved with flowers, together with two trays and sundry items. (qty)

Lot No:  86 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A painted scroll depicting Gu Ying, L. 130cm

Lot No:  87 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Ming dynasty bowl, blue and white decorated with figures, D. 14cm

Lot No:  88 (Lighting)

A pair of brass swan neck wall lights, now converted for electricity, with frosted glass shades, H. 22cm. (2)

Lot No:  89 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Sung period brown glazed vessel with four loop handles, H. 9cm

Lot No:  89A (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Etty Horton (British 1835-1905), Cattle Drinking from a River, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 45cm x 36cm, together with another similar, a pair. (2)

Lot No:  90 (Ceramics)

Ye Olde Inne three-piece tea service, together with a biscuit barrel and similar associated teapot. (5)

Lot No:  91 (Ceramics)

A set of twelve Spode collector's plates "Garden Birds" D. 24cm, together with a small quantity of sundry ceramics, (qty).

Lot No:  92 (General)

The Metropolitan, a policeman's whistle; together with another, an Acme Thunderer, and sundry items.

Lot No:  93 (Furniture)

A cream painted bed tray, W. 69cm, toegther with a card index box, four other boxes and a file tray (7)

Lot No:  94 (Ceramics)

An impressive three-piece garniture set, the twin handle urns decorated with pyramid scenes, one vase with cover. (3)

Lot No:  95 (Ceramics)

A Royal Doulton figure, Grannys Shawl, H. 14cm, together with four other various figures, (5)

Lot No:  96 (Glass)

A 20th century stained glass panel, rectangular with arched lights about a floral centre, 89cm x 49cm.

Lot No:  97 (Works of Art)

A contemporary cast metal sculpture, finished in a black enamel, H. 86 cm; together with a black glazed vase with a gilt wrap.

Lot No:  98 (Rugs)

A modern Harlequin wool rug of floral pattern with purple, sky blue and mint green colours, 240cm x 150cm.

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