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Antiques, Interiors and Collectables

Tuesday, 6th January

Lot No:  1 (General)

A pair of Italian specimen hardstone marble and slate wall plaques, moulded with flowers, feigned to oval. H: 24cm W: 17cm

Lot No:  2 (General)

A late Meiji period bronzed spelter jewellery box, repousse embossed with a landscape of Mount Fuji. W: 13.5cm

Lot No:  3 (General)

A maple blanc de chine figural study of a young girl with a songbird. H: 14.5cm together with one other.

Lot No:  4 (General)

A 17th/18th century Southern German lead tobacco box of octagonal form. H: 15cm together with one other similar smaller tobacco box, decorated with Prince of Wales feathers. H: 8.5cm

Lot No:  5 (General)

An 18th century style rectangular carved scrimshaw snuff box, the hinged lid decorated with ships in a harbour.

Lot No:  6 (General)

A collection of five resin dough masks together with gtwo other simulated ivory carvings.

Lot No:  7 (General)

A collection of Japanese bronze and gilt metal objects, including a pendant etc.

Lot No:  8 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Stella Steyne (Irish, 1907-1987). A series of six oil and woven paper figural mood studies, unsigned. Approx H: 20cm Approx W: 15cm

Lot No:  9 (Jewellery)

A collection of white metal costume jewellery including rings, necklace, and a bracelet.

Lot No:  10 (Jewellery)

A white metal and solitaire diamond ring, the stone of approx. 0.64 carats, the shank stamped 750.

Lot No:  11 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A late 19th / early 20th century monochrome printed portrait of a young boy, feigned to oval, within a laurel ribbon and reeded giltwood frame. Frame H: 31cc W: 26.5cm

Lot No:  12 (General)

Two mid 20th century black plastic domestic telephones with rotary dials.

Lot No:  13 (General)

A collection of Goth and others armorial collectables.

Lot No:  14 (General)

An oak canteen of silver plated flatware.

Lot No:  15 (Bronze)

A Chinese bronze figural study of a pastoral figure standing on a toad. H: 19cm together with an unusual bronzed artist box fashioned as a lotus, with peacock finials.

Lot No:  16 (General)

A graduated set of four Indian brass and champleve enamelled chapel bells, largest H: 10cm

Lot No:  17 (Ceramics)

An early 20th century Wedgwood Jasperware jardiniere, with vineous and lion mask decoration, above allegorical Classical female figures, together with a pair of Jasperware vases etc.

Lot No:  18 (General)

Three mid 20th century black plastic domestic telephones, two with rotary dials, the other internal.

Lot No:  19 (General)

A collection of relief moulded plaques fashioned as Grand Tour gifts, depicting portraits etc.

Lot No:  20 (Jewellery)

An 18 carat white gold, emerald, and diamond set line bracelet, centred with an asher cut emerald within diamond surrounds and an openwork setting.

Lot No:  21 (General)

An oak case containing three 17th century style bone and horn mounted daggers.

Lot No:  22 (General)

A collection of various ceramic door knobs, a Beswick pottery spaniel, and two Denby jars and covers.

Lot No:  23 (Ceramics)

A fine Chinese polychromatic baluster vase, gilt heightened and decorated with palmettes amongst a stylised garden landscape, bearing Yuhachuanping, Qianlong seal mark to base, with BADA labels. H: 31cm

Lot No:  24 (General)

A West African Ashanti carved hardwood storage jar and cover. H: 46.5cm

Lot No:  25 (General)

A collection of hardstone and mineral fragments.

Lot No:  26 (Bronze)

An unusual collection of Thai and Buddhist cast bronze heads, the largest H: 18cm (5).

Lot No:  27 (General)

An 18th century style rectangular carved scrimshaw snuff box, the hinged lid decorated with sailing ships at sea, in floral reserves.

Lot No:  28 (Lighting)

A pair of patinated cast alloy table lamps with foliate supports and plinth bases. H: 64cm

Lot No:  29 (General)

A large collection of Ashanti and ethnic bronze and metal works.

Lot No:  30 (Jewellery)

A white metal and illusion set solitaire diamond crossover ring, the diamond of approx. 0.10 carats.

Lot No:  31 (General)

A Huaco earthenware fetish figure of a man in ceremonial dress.

Lot No:  32 (Jewellery)

An 18th century style bone trinket box, the hinged lid decorated with a sailing barge. L: 6.5cm

Lot No:  33 (General)

An unusual parcel gilded and turquoise glazed water jug with pinched spout and angular handle, and a baluster drip glazed body. H: 23cm

Lot No:  34 (General)

A Chinese carved soapstone figural study of a seated Buddha resting upon a lotus leaf. H: 19cm

Lot No:  35 (General)

A Chinese intaglio painted glass scent bottle, decorated with geisha amongst a stylised garden terrace, with cabochon stopper. H: 12cm4

Lot No:  36 (Ceramics)

Cantagalli, Italy. A faience pottery barrel-shaped table vessel, polychrome decorated with a bull and running hare, raised on a circular spreading base. H: 18cm

Lot No:  37 (Ceramics)

An early 19th century Staffordshire sponge decorated pottery study of a race horse clearing a fence. H: 8.5cm together with sundry china, ceramics, and glass.

Lot No:  38 (Jewellery)

A fine 18 carat white gold, sapphire and diamond set pendant, with fine belcher link chain, the pendant centred with a large oval cut sapphire of approx. 4.5 carats, surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds of approx. 1.79 carats combined.

Lot No:  39 (Glass)

A Sevres glass study of a seated songbird. H: 4.5cm, a Lalique black glass angel fish, together with a collection of glass and pottery animals etc.

Lot No:  40 (Glass)

A Bohemian Art Deco style green cut glass seven piece liqueur set, comprising decanter and six octagonal liqueur glasses, wheel engraved with roses.

Lot No:  41 (General)

A reconstituted amber relief-carved fragment, decorated with a woodland setting with animals, raised on a hardwood plinth base. H: 8cm

Lot No:  42 (Clocks)

A Rolex style shop display wall clock.

Lot No:  43 (Ceramics)

A Chinese celadon glazed high shouldered vase, polychrome decorated with storks amongst a peony tree. H: 42cm

Lot No:  44 (Jewellery)

A white metal, emerald, and diamond set heart-shaped dress ring, centred with a heart-shaped emerald within diamond reserves, the shank stamped 750.

Lot No:  45 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An unusual Chinese mottled green and brown jade carved study of a recumbent ox, raised on a scroll-carved hardwood base. H: 6cm

Lot No:  46 (Ceramics)

A 1970s West German lava ware floor vase, with orange and salt glaze decoration. H: 54cm

Lot No:  47 (General)

A Bulova miniature portico timepiece, fitted quartz movement and Roman dial. H: 4cm together with a set of six Swarovski cut glass and gilt metal mounted menu holders.

Lot No:  48 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

19th century British school. A miniature head and shoulder portrait of a young gentleman in a chapel suit, oil on ivory panel, unsigned. H: 7cm W: 6cm

Lot No:  49 (General)

A taxidermy head and horns of a 12-pointed stag. W: 57cm

Lot No:  50 (Jewellery)

An 18ct white gold mounted ladies princess cut diamond solitaire dress ring, diamond mounted shoulders, shank stamped 750.

Lot No:  51 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Four 19th century style oval miniature portraits.

Lot No:  52 (Books)

A collection of monochrome and sepia postcards, together with various G.B. and commemorative stamps etc.

Lot No:  53 (General)

A late 19th century Canton carved ivory card case, relief carved decorated with figures amongst a stylised landscape and inscribed 'Napoleon's Tomb, Napoleon's House'. H.8.5cm

Lot No:  54 (Furniture)

A 19th century Chinese porcelain inverted baluster vase table lamp, decorated with figures amongst stylised landscape. H: 25.5cm (body)

Lot No:  55 (Jewellery)

A parure of white metal and paste set jewellery, comprising necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Lot No:  56 (Jewellery)

An 18ct white gold diamond mounted solitaire dress ring, set with brilliant cut diamond of approx. 2.01cts .

Lot No:  57 (General)

Three Chinese white metal squat baluster vases, repousse embossed with dragons, and sundries.

Lot No:  58 (General)

A Cinnabar style red and black lacquered circular box with cover, relief carved and centred with a hunting scene. Diameter.18cm

Lot No:  59 (General)

Two inznik glazed pottery fragments, polychrome decorated with bands and flowers.

Lot No:  60 (General)

Two cream cased thermometers.

Lot No:  61 (General)

Three Indian brass and white metal mounted wall chargers, decorated with figures of deity's. Diameter.31cm (largest) (3)

Lot No:  62 (General)

An 18th century style rectangular carved scrimshaw snuff box, the hinged lid decorated with whaling scenes.

Lot No:  63 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

Four Chinese carved hardstone animal studies,

Lot No:  64 (General)

A Congolese carved palmwood ancestor figure of a standing female nude. H.101cm

Lot No:  65 (Clocks)

A late 19th century oak cased bracket clock, having Arabic breguet dial and set 8 day movement chiming gong. H.37cm W.28cm

Lot No:  66 (General)

Carter & Co. London. A late Victorian walnut and brass mounted fly fishing reel. Diameter.9cm, together with an A.W.Gavage Ltd reed, one other Carter and a miniature steel reel.

Lot No:  67 (General)

A 19th century spelter Campana urn, relief cast with a study of puti and a blacksmith with interior study of maiden to verso, raised on an egg and dart plinth base. H.27cm

Lot No:  68 (Bronze)

An unusual bronze plaque, relief cast with the Madonna and child. H.13.5cm, together with various gilt metal miniature animals, a sterling silver overlaid glass scent bottle etc.

Lot No:  69 (Ceramics)

A Lladro porcelain study of a seated rabbit H: 14cm, together with one other similar, an owl, a goose, and a group of geese.

Lot No:  70 (Jewellery)

An amethyst and diamond set white metal dress ring, the oval faceted amethyst set diamond reserves, having pierced diamond mounted shoulders.

Lot No:  71 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Late 19th century Dutch school. A pastoral winter landscape study with a woodcutter and his hound, oil on canvas, unsigned. H: 31cm W: 25cm

Lot No:  72 (General)

An unusual stainless steel novelty cocktail shaker, fashioned as a three sectioned penguin, together with one other bullet shaped shaker.

Lot No:  73 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese Imperial style painted footed porcelain dish, centred with a mon mark, amongst a crimson sgraffito ground. Diameter.24cm

Lot No:  74 (Jewellery)

A Belle Epoque style of emerald and diamond mounted dress ring, oval cluster form, the shank stamped 750.

Lot No:  75 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A contemporary ebonised framed picture of Marilyn Monroe.

Lot No:  76 (General)

A Leica digilux 3 camera, together with accessories.

Lot No:  77 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese carved bottled green hardstone study of a horse raised on a naturalistic base. H.23cm

Lot No:  78 (General)

An early 18th century French pewter dish of cartouche form, centred with an Armorial of a dragon beneath a coronette. W.27cm

Lot No:  79 (General)

A novelty Moet & Chandon champagne bucket, fashioned as a gentleman's top hat. H.19cm

Lot No:  80 (Ceramics)

A 19th century Parian porcelain jug, relief moulded with interior scenes. H.21cm

Lot No:  81 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Meiji period Tokyo school carved ivory okimono of an elderly gentleman with staff, scroll and fan, raised on a plinth base, bears red inscribed seal mark to base. H.18cm

Lot No:  82 (Jewellery)

A loose diamond, of approx. 0.09 carats.

Lot No:  83 (General)

A commemorative paperweight of demi-spherical form, depicting the head and shoulder portrait of George V. Diameter.8cm

Lot No:  84 (General)

A collection of American cowboy style belt buckles.

Lot No:  85 (General)

A pair of Gothic Revival telescopic dwarf candlesticks, together with sundry metalware.

Lot No:  86 (Jewellery)

A white metal and diamond eternity ring, set with twenty five small diamonds.

Lot No:  87 (Books)

A large collection of German stamps, including Third Reich examples, etc.

Lot No:  88 (Books)

A large collection of Irish stamps, predominantly 20th century.

Lot No:  89 (Glass)

A cut glass candlestick with removable baluster cut glass shade. H: 31cm

Lot No:  90 (Ceramics)

A Royal bone china porcelain ashtray, polychrome decorated in enamels and parcel gilded with an elephant and inscribed. W: 20cm

Lot No:  91 (Fashion & Textiles)

A burgandy leather gentleman's attache case, together with a similar brown leather case, and a parcel gilt red Moroccan leather-bound game of Bezique.

Lot No:  92 (General)

An unusual presentation decorative Easter egg in the style of Faberge, bears inscribed plaque. H: 15cm

Lot No:  93 (General)

A pair of Rouen faience pattern candlesticks in the early 18th century style, polychrome decorated with flowers. H: 25cm

Lot No:  94 (General)

A bisque porcelain figural study of an amorini, raised on a gilt metal mounted base. H: 23cm

Lot No:  95 (General)

A 19th century Russian bronze icon. H: 12cm W: 11cm together with one other of a Madonna and Child.

Lot No:  96 (Jewellery)

A ladies diamond mounted 18ct white gold necklace, featuring 74 collet set diamonds of approximately 12cts .

Lot No:  97 (General)

A pair of Persian silvered copper embossed plaques, D: 10.5cm

Lot No:  98 (Glass)

A near pair of cut glass club-shaped decanters. H: 33cm

Lot No:  99 (General)

A German Gothic Revival embossed copper tobacco jar, inset lead tamper.

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