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In Chiswick, W4

Antiques, Interiors & Collectables

Tuesday, 20th September

Lot No:  1 (General)

An 18ct gold and hallmarked Sterling silver rose mounted sculpture on a polished marble base

Lot No:  2 (General)

A pair of gilt framed miniature portraits on glass of ladies together with a yellow metal mounted mourning brooch with pierced bone

Lot No:  3 (Silver)

A set of fine hallmarked Sterling silver buttons decorated in relief with a profile of Napoleon

Lot No:  4 (Ceramics)

A Canadian Blue Mountain ceramic model of a seated dog

Lot No:  5 (Silver)

A hallmarked Sterling silver candle stick and three other hallmarked Sterling silver spoons with mythical beast finials

Lot No:  6 (Ceramics)

A Beswick porcelain model of a lion, a lioness and a cub

Lot No:  7 (Jewellery)

An Indian white metal bracelet

Lot No:  8 (Silver)

An extensive Sterling silver American flatware service "Camellia" (over 1679g)

Lot No:  9 (Silver)

Three hallmarked Sterling silver bowls of graduating size, one being Mappin & Webb and two other being Comyns of London (3)

Lot No:  10 (General)

An antique bronze fishing reel "Mallochs" patent engraved C Farlow and Co Ltd

Lot No:  11 (Glass)

A boxed Lalique crystal model of an egg decorated with crickets

Lot No:  12 (Silver)

A hallmarked Sterling silver cigarette / card case

Lot No:  13 (Silver)

A hallmarked Sterling silver cigarette case, matching compact along with a cased set of six hallmarked Sterling silver tea spoons

Lot No:  14 (Rugs)

A Madras style rug with central medallion on a flower decorated green ground with running colourful border 230x150cm

Lot No:  15 (General)

Three oak frame barometers

Lot No:  16 (General)

A Mont Blanc Miesterstuck fountain pen with accessories together with a Tiffanys ball point pen and one other Parker fountain pen with rolled gold lid

Lot No:  17 (Ceramics)

An oriental terracotta bachelors tea pot with incised character marks and signature to lid and base

Lot No:  18 (General)

A Wilkinson Sword Commando knife (without scabbard)

Lot No:  19 (Glass)

A lead crystal glass fruit bowl

Lot No:  20 (Rugs)

A Bokhara style rug with geometric gulls on an azure blue field with many borders 170x125cm

Lot No:  21 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A set of four parcel gilt framed coloured prints of big game animals

Lot No:  22 (General)

A white jade circular pendant with pierced centre

Lot No:  23 (Ceramics)

Three various Sylvac glazed ceramic vases

Lot No:  24 (Rugs)

A Madras style rug with central medallion on a floral ivory field contained by colourful borders 170x125cm

Lot No:  25 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A print of a Parisian scene by Legai

Lot No:  26 (Silver)

A collection of Sterling silver to include spoons, pepper pot and two wine coasters

Lot No:  27 (Books)

A set of seven hard bound bound annuals of The War Budget, weekly magazine, complete run covering period 1914-18, extensively illustrated, together with similar hardbound Every Week, 1918 [8pcs]

Lot No:  28 (Rugs)

An Aubusson design runner with six circular medallions on a leaf decorated gold ground with running border 280x0.75cm

Lot No:  29 (Clocks)

A Victorian inlaid drop dial wall clock with pendulum and key

Lot No:  30 (Ceramics)

A pair of Regency bone china wall plaques in the form of lions heads

Lot No:  31 (General)

A large dolls house in the form of a Georgian town house with unfinished extension

Lot No:  32 (Jewellery)

Three bracelets stamped 925, one other ring and an articulated amber figurine on a silver chain

Lot No:  33 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A print entitled "The Village Stream" by G Ayline

Lot No:  34 (General)

Two 18/19th century hock/Rummer glasses to include a commemorative silver jubilee Coalport goblet

Lot No:  35 (Rugs)

A brown Kelim rug in shades of brown with stylized motif 180x134cm

Lot No:  36 (Glass)

An early 19th century hock glass etched with hop & vine decoration

Lot No:  37 (Ceramics)

A Chinese satsuma bowl and a carved jade standing figure of Quan Yin on a hardwood stand

Lot No:  38 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An oil on canvas of a woodland scene with lake in the foreground. signed A W Enness

Lot No:  39 (General)

A decorative model bust of Tutankhamun in a crate

Lot No:  40 (General)

An enchanting pastel of a girl reaching into a river, signed JB Allen

Lot No:  41 (Ceramics)

A large ceramic model of a seated cat

Lot No:  42 (Rugs)

A Kelim rug with multi coloured diamond designs 186x124cm

Lot No:  43 (Jewellery)

A 9ct gold ladies ring set with citrine stone

Lot No:  44 (General)

A large oval wooden plaque decorated with oriental feasting scene

Lot No:  45 (Ceramics)

A large Chinese Blanc de Chine standing Buddha for happiness and wealth

Lot No:  46 (General)

A Papal medal, football cup token and two vintage costume jewellery items (4)

Lot No:  47 (Jewellery)

A ladies 9ct white gold dress ring set with sapphire flanked by two diamonds

Lot No:  48 (Rugs)

A Shiraz rug with triple medallions on a wine field with corner spandels and many borders 136x110cm

Lot No:  49 (Lighting)

A crystal glass hanging pendant light

Lot No:  50 (Ceramics)

Six Hummel porcelain music boxes with certificates, together with Franklin Mint vase in the Egyptian taste raised on gilt supports

Lot No:  51 (General)

A pair of retro globular lampshades made from many polystyrene cups

Lot No:  52 (General)

A quantity of dolls house furniture and accessories

Lot No:  53 (Rugs)

A Hossein Abad rug with all over designs on a dusky pink ground contained by borders 162x107cm

Lot No:  54 (General)

An ebonised walking cane with hallmarked Sterling silver mounted top together with one other walking stick

Lot No:  55 (General)

A large North West China camphor wood carving of Happy Buddha standing on sack surrounded by many tokens

Lot No:  56 (Jewellery)

A beaded two string amber necklace, a white metal ring set with amber stone and an amber coloured beaded necklace (3)

Lot No:  57 (General)

A pair of ivory figural netsukes

Lot No:  58 (Rugs)

A large Afghan Ziegler carpet with floral design on an ivory field with decorated borders 285x230cm

Lot No:  59 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A contemporary linen framed and glazed watercolour "Girl with Bag" signed Gordon King

Lot No:  60 (Ceramics)

Four items of Aynsley bone china "Collage Garden" pattern to include two vases, picture frame and bowl with cover

Lot No:  61 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed black and white print of Corfu

Lot No:  62 (Jewellery)

A silver necklace and bracelet set stamped 925

Lot No:  63 (Rugs)

A Qashqai carpet with diamond designs on a madder field with running borders 246x174cm

Lot No:  64 (Books)

Thirteen volumes of The Civil War, Time-Life publication, hard bound silver covers, together with The War in Pictures six volumes covering years 1939-45, Odhams (13)

Lot No:  65 (Ceramics)

A collection of eight 19th century children's plates with printed scenes (8)

Lot No:  66 (General)

A collection of three vintage hats, 2 pith helmets, a calf leather trilby by Dunn & Co & a vintage Grays hat box.

Lot No:  67 (General)

A funky large Union Jack Plastic wall clock and lamp combination in the form of an electric guitar

Lot No:  68 (General)

A collection of limited edition fashion plate prints & other print items.

Lot No:  69 (General)

A white metal mounted polished fossil pendant together with two other fossils

Lot No:  70 (General)

A vintage 1940/50s black doll from Canada along with a tin plate bear pushing a pram

Lot No:  71 (General)

An unusual brandy pourer in the form of a canon

Lot No:  72 (Glass)

An unusual 3D glass panel hanging sculpture with multicoloured glass fragments, signed in characters.

Lot No:  73 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A pair of 19th century zoological book plate prints of fish with Latin names, by Lizars after Stewart. (2)

Lot No:  74 (Ceramics)

A Paris porcelain fruit bowl and a hors d'oeuvres plate with gilt decoration

Lot No:  75 (General)

A pair of 1960s copper,enamel and wooden wall plaques,one depicting a fisherman and the other a dancing woman

Lot No:  76 (Silver)

A pair of bristol blue salts fashioned as swans with continental silver reticulated wings

Lot No:  77 (General)

A commemorative two pound coin along with two miniature gold plated fobs

Lot No:  78 (General)

A large gilt framed limited edition print signed Benjamin, no. 5/150

Lot No:  79 (Ceramics)

An oriental porcelain bowl and cover decorated with children and scholarly scenes

Lot No:  80 (Ceramics)

Two large Art Deco jugs

Lot No:  81 (Ceramics)

A Poole Magnolia White vase decorated with lyre and quiver motifs

Lot No:  82 (Books)

An interesting micro newspaper "Titbits" circa 1881 with feature article on Waterloo.

Lot No:  83 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A collection of five pictures with a pig theme, including Fores's Series of the Mothers depicting sow and pigs from a picture by J F Herring and dated 1855, signed engraving of a sleeping pig by EN Donnard and a pencil signed limited edition print 131/500 after Leeson Sandys-Lumsdaine (5)

Lot No:  84 (Lighting)

A designer crystal and polished chrome chandelier

Lot No:  85 (Glass)

A decorative art glass fruit bowl with opaque blue swirl decoration

Lot No:  86 (Jewellery)

An 18ct yellow gold cross inset with VVSI 0.23ct diamond with certificate and receipt

Lot No:  87 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Nelson Dawson RWS [1859-1941] watercolour seascape, gilt framed and glazed 40x38cm

Lot No:  88 (General)

A designer Pontine Paus bronze leather handbag

Lot No:  89 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Maxfield Parrish 'Daybreak', futuristic scene, The House of Art New York, 55x86cm

Lot No:  90 (General)

A black leather Agnis Lo voyage hand bag

Lot No:  91 (Bronze)

A stylized bronze group of entwined lovers raised on a circular marble base

Lot No:  92 (Glass)

A fine heavy hand cut crystal fruit bowl with a solid silver rim

Lot No:  93 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Five original Vanity Fair chromo-lithographs of politicians by Spy including Herbert Henry Asquith, dated 1904 and four others, all framed and glazed (5)

Lot No:  94 (Furniture)

A Black Forest walking stick fashioned as a pugs head having glass eyes and a sprung mouth to clip your gloves in (some damage to ear)

Lot No:  95 (General)

A large gilded plaster picture frame approx 100x90cm

Lot No:  96 (General)

A collection of five table lamps including two French gilt bronze and one other novelty hose pipe lamp

Lot No:  97 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Pages from a Persian story set into two glazed frames, one of two pages of text either side of a colour illustration, the other of an illustration of a warrior on horseback with text (2)

Lot No:  98 (Glass)

Two lead crystal St Louis vases, one of 1960s cylindrical style, the other of bottle form

Lot No:  99 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A black and white laminated poster "The Who" Tuesday at the Marquee Club

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