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Monday, 9th January

Lot No:  1 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Lots 1-100 are the former property of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers RRF. The items have been in The Tower of London Regimental Headquarters. Many of the pieces are from Army amalgamations of the 5th Fusiliers Northumberland Regiment, 6th Fusiliers Warwickshire Regiment, 7th Fusiliers Royal and City of London Regiment and 20th Fusiliers Lancashire  read more 

Lot No:  2 (Silver)

Early 19th C hallmarked silver twin-handled trophy cup, on circular foot, bears crest for 1st Battn Royal Warwickshire Regiment, London 1905, 20cm h

Lot No:  3 (Silver)

Good inverted campana form hallmarked silver trophy cup with twin loop handle on spreading post and square base, 31cm, Trophy won by 5th Battalion North'd Fusiliers The 24 Militia Bde Officers Competition, Strensall July 1903, London 1902

Lot No:  4 (Silver)

Set of four Regimental silver ashtrays, Lancashire Fusiliers crest, XX markings, white metal, 14cm dia

Lot No:  5 (Silver)

Pair of 1954 silver ashtrays by Garrard & Co., one with a figure of a soldier boy, the other with a figure of a sailor boy, 9cm h, (2)

Lot No:  6 (Silver)

Pair of Victorian silver menu holders for the Lancashire Fusiliers, crown over crest flanked by battle honours set over banner, set on ebonised plinth, c.1880, 6cm h max

Lot No:  7 (Silver)

William IV hallmarked silver standish, scallop and acanthus detail to rim, floral feet, 33cm w, marks for c.1834

Lot No:  8 (Silver)

19th C silver baluster form hot water jug, rose finial, stamped West & Son, 23.2cm h, c.1905, 610g

Lot No:  9 (Silver)

Georgian hallmarked silver salver with Rococo edge and scallops, inscription, shell and foliate feet, 25cm dia., marks rubbed, 520g

Lot No:  10 (Silver)

Victorian hallmarked silver circular tray, bead trim, repousse scrolls to edges, ball and claw feet, 27cm dia., c.1890s, 525g

Lot No:  11 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

Antique silver plated military bugle, Denis Wick of London, 33cm h

Lot No:  12 (Silver)

19th C Fusilier table grenade, Regimental crest, silver marks rubbed, 6cm dia., and another grenade, all marks rubbed (2)

Lot No:  13 (Silver)

Hallmarked silver baluster stem cup, rubbed inscription, cast circular foot, c.1882, 19cm h

Lot No:  14 (Silver)

Set of four silver plate 10 section centre dishes and covers, cast Rococo decoration, scrolling feet, 40cm l overall

Lot No:  15 (Silver)

Selection of five silver mounted ivory and wood capstan table pepper grinders, various hallmarks, (5)

Lot No:  16 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Early 18th C 'A view from the New Barracks on Hounslow Heath 1802', watercolour, 15 x 21cm

Lot No:  17 (Silver)

Six hallmarked silver circular dishes on ball feet, and a set of seven hallmarked silver ashtrays (Mappin & Webb), (13)

Lot No:  18 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

Yellow metal mounted horn jambiya, white metal mounted kukri, both c.1930, kukri 26cm blade, (2)

Lot No:  19 (Silver)

Presentation 1897 hallmarked silver repousse decorated twin-handled sucrier (Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company), 15 x 15cm dia.

Lot No:  20 (Silver)

Pair of hallmarked silver hunting horns converted to stirrup cup / tapering lighter, c.1925, 19cm h

Lot No:  21 (Silver)

22 Inf (Infantry) Brigade Inter Company Football Cup, c.1917, hallmarked silver miniature footed monteith, 10 x 14cm dia.

Lot No:  22 (Silver)

Two hallmarked silver table cigar lighters in the form of antique oil lamps, largest 9.5cm h

Lot No:  23 (Silver)

Sterling silver 'petal' form flared bowl on circular foot, seven small circular white metal dished plates, a silver and brass cigar cutter and a twin-handled trophy cup on stem and socle, (10)

Lot No:  24 (Silver)

Unusual pair of hallmarked silver caviar containers with covers and liners, c.1939

Lot No:  25 (Silver)

Yachting hallmarked silver trophy cup, cast iron mask strap handles on knop and socle, London 1928, 19cm h

Lot No:  26 (Silver)

Eight various hallmarked silver single flower stem vases, with a pair of hallmarked silver vases, and another pair of stem bowls, (12)

Lot No:  27 (Silver)

Pair of hallmarked silver goblets with gilt interior bowl, a set of four hallmarked silver pepperettes, a hallmarked silver trophy cup, and two others, (9)

Lot No:  28 (Silver)

Two hallmarked silver goblets on baluster stem and circular and embossed foot, marks rubbed, inscription for 1865 and 1892, 6.5cm h (2)

Lot No:  29 (Silver)

Eight Mappin & Webb dome topped silver pepper pots, c.1903, approx. 10.6cm h, 935g, (8)

Lot No:  30 (Silver)

Three silver plated sauce boats, leaf handles, rope twist rim, spade feet, 24.5cm L, (3)

Lot No:  31 (Silver)

Early 20th C platter with piecrust edge with shells, 30mm dia, with makers mark c.1907

Lot No:  32 (Silver)

Victorian hallmarked silver circular tray, bead trim, ball and claw feet, 35cm dia., Sheffield 1891, 940g

Lot No:  33 (Silver)

Graduated quartet of Elkington silver plate oval serving dishes with Rococo edges, largest 63cm w (4)

Lot No:  34 (Silver)

Burroughes & Watts Territorial Billiards Championship trophy, oak shield mounted with a repousse shield, central Billiards scene, surrounded by hallmarked silver shields, c.1933, 57.5cm h

Lot No:  35 (Silver)

Two Walker & Hall toast racks and two silver plated toast racks, (4)

Lot No:  36 (Silver)

Pair of Goldsmiths Company hallmarked four slice silver toast racks bearing Northumberland Fusiliers V crest, c.1903

Lot No:  37 (Silver)

Silver plate inverted campana form twin-handled trophy cup on knopped stem, spreading foot and square plinth, 27cm h

Lot No:  38 (Silver)

The British Warrant and NCOs Mess Sudan Defence Force (snooker / billiards) silver trophy, repousse oval of a billiards player in action to reverse, twin-handled, diminutive knopped stem and spreading circular foot, c.1905, 865g, 21cm h

Lot No:  39 (Silver)

2nd Battalion The Royal Warwickshire Regiment Company Challenge Cup (Inter Orienteering), c.1918, and an Inter Company hallmarked silver twin-handled trophy cup, c.1922, 1050g, the tallest 18cm h (2)

Lot No:  40 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Stockhowe, a Medieval Continental townscape, oil on canvas, signed, 51 x 71cm, in a gilt frame

Lot No:  41 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

After G. D. Giles, a panoramic photogravure, 'The Derby Horse Race 1893' Isinglass wins, signed and inscribed in pencil to the margin, 50 x 86cm, framed

Lot No:  42 (Silver)

Allan, sailboats on the Thames, a pair of framed watercolours, signed, 31 x 48cm, (2)

Lot No:  43 (Silver)

Five Victorian silver trencher salts of circular form, with Rococo decorated panels on scrolling feet, London 1844, 8.4cm dia.

Lot No:  44 (Silver)

Hallmarked cast silver bell, London 1919, in memory of C. W. Wasey, a baluster handle cast silver bell, and a small silver bell, all with engraved dedications, tallest 17.5 x 9.5cm (3)

Lot No:  45 (Silver)

Mixed lot of white metal and silver plated items, including cups, dishes, jugs etc. (qty)

Lot No:  46 (Silver)

Silver stub candlestick, bead trim, octagonal body, stepped base, c.1926, 13.6cm h

Lot No:  47 (Silver)

Silver sugar sifter, octagonal, London 1892, 20cm h, 300g

Lot No:  48 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

Late 18th Century early 19th Century Cavalry sword, brass iron pommel, carved ivory grip, leaf form brass guard, curved 73.5cm blade.

Lot No:  49 (Silver)

Silver salver, military inscription First Surrey Rifles to Sergeants Mess 2nd Bn The Royal Warwickshire Regt, c.1932, pie crust edge, spade feet, 415g, 26cm dia.

Lot No:  50 (Silver)

Silver stem vase, swirl decoration, trophy for Army & Navy Rifle Meeting, info rubbed, London 1901, 21.4cm h, 300g

Lot No:  51 (Lighting)

Candelabra, silver plate tri-branch wrythen leaf arms, scroll and leaf decoration to stepped shaped base, 61.5cm h

Lot No:  52 (Silver)

Elkington 19th C silver plate graduated serving ovals, arch bead trim, Regimental banner, largest 56.5cm (4)

Lot No:  53 (Silver)

Silver desk ink stand, bead decoration, open scroll feet, military inscription Officers 3rd Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment from Officers Fourth Battalion 1895, 710g, 26cm w

Lot No:  54 (Silver)

Late 19th C silver hot water jug, rose finial, worn presentation inscription, ribbed bulbous body, hallmarks rubbed

Lot No:  55 (Silver)

Two silver trophies, lion handles, 13cm h, London 1916, 190g, and another of cup form, Birmingham 1945, 140g, 15cm h

Lot No:  56 (Silver)

Inter Regimental Cup, Pretoria (South Africa) Garrison Rifle Meeting won by 3rd Battn Royal Warwickshire Regiment, silver marks for Sheffield 1905, 31cm h

Lot No:  57 (Silver)

Sind Rajputana District India Boxing trophy, c.1924, knop stem, circular foot, 27.7cm, silver marks for London 1919

Lot No:  58 (Silver)

Aldershot Command Rifle Meeting Rapid Firing Competition, c.1908, silver twin arm trophy, Army military cup, 17.6cm h

Lot No:  59 (Silver)

Fifth Fusiliers presentation dish from Officer in The Royal Danish Lifeguard, 15cm dia.

Lot No:  60 (Silver)

Fifth Fusiliers Sailing Club silver trophy, twin arms, knop to stem, 15.2cm, London 1945, and 2nd Battalion The Royal Warwickshire Regiment Inter-Platoon Billiards silver trophy plate, 23.2cm w, (2)

Lot No:  61 (Silver)

Late Victorian silver drinks tray, fluted rim, shell scroll feet, London 1900, horn motif to centre, 30.5cm dia.

Lot No:  62 (Silver)

5th Northumberland Fusiliers presentation silver sugar caster, c.1898, 25cm h

Lot No:  63 (Silver)

Silver plate presentation wine bottle cooler of campana urn form, Fusilier crest and banner, c.1896, 24.5 x 24.5cm dia.

Lot No:  64 (Silver)

Silver trophy 'Malta Command Rifle Meeting 1914', twin scroll handles, 23.8cm h, Birmingham 1912

Lot No:  65 (Silver)

Four London hallmarked silver photograph frames, 1910, each with presentation inscription, 16 x 12cm overall, opening size 12 x 8cm (4)

Lot No:  66 (Silver)

Four London hallmarked silver photograph frames, 1910, each with presentation inscription, 16 x 12cm overall, opening size 12 x 8cm (4)

Lot No:  67 (Silver)

London hallmarked silver cigarette box, 1906, and another London hallmarked silver cigarette box, 1947, both with military insignia, (2)

Lot No:  68 (Silver)

Late 19th C hallmarked silver cigarette box, and two other silver cigarette boxes (one London 1928), all with rubbed military insignia, (3)

Lot No:  69 (Silver)

Hallmarked silver cigarette box, c.1929, a white metal box, a silver plated box, and another hallmarked silver cigarette box, 1933, all with military insignia, (4)

Lot No:  70 (Silver)

Five Garrard & Co. hallmarked silver standard bearing cups, (5)

Lot No:  71 (Silver)

Miniature mounted Northumberland Fusiliers table grenade, 7.5cm h, and two miniature flaming grenade pepper pots, 8cm, (3)

Lot No:  72 (Silver)

4th Battalion Royal Fusiliers, Cross Country Running, Company Challenge Shield, silver plaques, c.1904, 48cm

Lot No:  73 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

Reconnaissance Group Action Objective Brass, 3rd Fusiliers Battle Group 26th February 1991, armoured CVRTs in action, Iraq conflict, signed limited edition print, by David Rowlands 14/100, 38.5 x 59cm

Lot No:  74 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

4th Btn Royal Fusiliers, company football shield, oak trophy, copper inner shield with silver plaques, c.1904, 56cm

Lot No:  75 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

WITHDRAWN The Royal Fusiliers, Grenadier 1745, a study of a rifleman in full dress uniform, watercolour by Harcourt Smith, 25 x 15cm WITHDRAWN

Lot No:  76 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

WITHDRAWN The Royal Fusiliers, Private 1815, a study of a rifleman in full dress uniform, watercolour by Harcourt Smith. 25 x 15.5cm WITHDRAWN

Lot No:  77 (Silver)

2nd London Regt Royal Fusiliers, marathon challenge shield, ebonised trophy with silver plaques, c. 1917, 57cm

Lot No:  78 (Silver)

Good selection of various hallmarked silver and plated table items; decanter labels, ashtrays, napkin rings, small trophy cups all by various companies; Elkington, Garrard, Mappin & Webb etc., many with regimental insignia, (qty)

Lot No:  79 (Silver)

Pair of Victorian hallmarked silver cruet stands, 1894, and a hallmarked silver table top match box holder, (3)

Lot No:  80 (Silver)

Small selection of hallmarked silver objects, including menu card holders etc., (qty)

Lot No:  81 (Silver)

White metal table top cigar and cigarette box, bearing insignia for the Royal Australian Regiment, the East Sussex and the Royal Warwickshire, and another cigarette box with presentation inscription, (2)

Lot No:  82 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

WITHDRAWN Emilio Melando, 'Edinburgh Castle', oil on canvas, signed, presented to the 5th Fusiliers by Lieutenant John Byers, 1958, 50 x 60cm WITHDRAWN

Lot No:  83 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

WITHDRAWN Brian Malcolmson, 'Ballykinler Watercolour', signed, commissioned by Lt. Col. S.H.P. Sanderson M.B.E and paid for by many Officers, see label verso, 54 x 37cm WITHDRAWN

Lot No:  84 (Lighting)

Assorted silver plate and white metal candelabra, mixed ages and styles, mainly spare parts

Lot No:  85 (Silver)

Quantity of trophy cup stands

Lot No:  86 (Silver)

Iron bound military silver box, early 20th C, 82.5 x 92 x 64cm

Lot No:  87 (Silver)

Carrington military silver storage shipping trunk, iron bound, 65.5 x 84.5 x 59cm

Lot No:  88 (Silver)

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths presentation cream jug, Victorian silver presentation twin handle sugar boat, 19th C Irish silver cream jug with Fusiliers crest, two silver ash pots and a Georgian silver presentation cream jug on ball feet, (6)

Lot No:  89 (Silver)

Mappin & Webb 1892 silver presentation twin handle sugar bowl, rubbed Regimental crest, 10.2cm dia., a similar bowl, c.1921, two silver ashtrays, largest 13.6cm dia., and a pepper pot, (5)

Lot No:  90 (Silver)

Assorted silver plate serving dishes / ovals part sets with rope twist decoration, mixed handles and liners

Lot No:  91 (Silver)

Assorted silver plate serving dishes / ovals part sets, mainly with bead trim and cornucopia handles, mixed handles and liners

Lot No:  92 (Silver)

Pair of silver plate large circular vegetable serving dishes, vine and grape handles, fluted lid, gadrooned rim, internal spacer, marks rubbed, approx. 32cm dia.

Lot No:  93 (Silver)

Group of four silver bottle / decanter labels / tickets, King's pattern, pierced naming for F. Vermouth (French), IT Vermouth (Italian), Sherry and Madeira, ages differ, 6.1cm w

Lot No:  94 (Silver)

Five silver decanter / bottle tickets / labels, in King's pattern for Madeira and Sherry, approx. 6cm w, ages vary

Lot No:  95 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Edwin Ward, a portrait of W. H. Williams, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1904, 127 x 104cm, in a gilt frame

Lot No:  96 (Silver)

2nd Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment football cup, c.1905, repousse decorated silver cup on knopped stem and spreading circular foot, 27cm h

Lot No:  97 (Silver)

Hallmarked silver twin-handled hemispherical stem and socle trophy cup, Sind Rajputana District (India) Assault at Arms 1925, and another hallmarked silver trophy cup, London District Rifle Association Young Soldiers Challenge cup, c.1949, 11 x 13cm dia. (2)

Lot No:  98 (Silver)

'Bayonet versus Bayonet' twin handle trophy cup, 1925, 9.9cm h, hallmarked silver stem cup on circular foot, and a 1912 silver Regency style table lighter (3)

Lot No:  99 (Silver)

London District Territorial Army Champion Shot, hallmarked silver twin-handled trophy cup on socle, c.1952, 15cm h

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