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Fine and Selected Sale

Monday, 27th February

Lot No:  1 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A rare large raw jade Chinese "scholar's rock", 27cm h (this boulder of jade is grey/green and ochre with interesting scars of time).

Lot No:  2 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese carved all round green/grey jade figure of a crouching antelope with notched spine and incised embellishments, 7 x 10.5cm, in the style of the Ch'ing Dynasty (Qing) of jade carvers.

Lot No:  3 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese carved all round green/grey jade figure of a standing pig, in the style of the Ch'ing Dynasty (Qing) carvers, 8 x 14.5cm.

Lot No:  4 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A rare translucent carved quartz or "mutton fat" Chinese jade figure of a crouching horned demon, 18cm high, in the early Han Dynasty style.

Lot No:  5 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A rare sage green carved jade figure of a Chinese demon, in the early Han Dynasty style, 16cm high.

Lot No:  6 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A fine Han style carved and pierced pi roundel decorated with monkey, dragon, kylin and phoenix, the white jade opaque and translucent in parts with ochre staining and has engraved enrichments to both sides, 23 x 15cm.

Lot No:  7 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A fine Chinese Han style carved dragon pi roundel in pale green, white and ochre stained jade (carved both sides), 25 x 17cm, in a fitted box.

Lot No:  8 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A good Hongshan style carved jade pendant depicting a stylised Chinese bird in green opaque jade, 10.5cm.

Lot No:  9 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese Han style white carved jade cicada pendant carved in relief with phoenix birds on its wing cases, 7.5cm.

Lot No:  10 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An elaborate Sung style carved white veined jade dragon pi roundel, carved both sides with "sleeping silkworm cocoon" pattern, 16 x 10cm.

Lot No:  11 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A rare Chinese archaic form dark green pebble jade bear, 5 x 8cm.

Lot No:  12 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A large green jade pi style "sounding stone", the central dished hole is flanked by pierced "ears" with drilled top for large and mysterious notches, 25cm dia.

Lot No:  13 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Ching style celadon jade carved boar with all over relief and incised symbols, 7 x 14cm.

Lot No:  14 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Tang style carved jade crouching antelope turning to consume peaches, translucent white with ochre staining, 7 x 15cm.

Lot No:  15 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Ming style carved olive green jade crouching mythical beast with beard and curling mane, 8 x 14cm.

Lot No:  16 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese carved pale celadon jade dragon handled cup, with ochre markings, 6 x 8cm dia. (14cm with handle).

Lot No:  17 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

Six Hongshan style carved jade cicada pendants sold together with a Ming style jade cicada on leaf pendant. (7)

Lot No:  18 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese Ch'ing style pale green with some brown veins jade cup with high relief carved dragon and

Lot No:  19 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A large Chinese carved brown pebble jade of a squatting goddess, "Nu Wa", the god who repairs the pillars of heaven, 18cm high.

Lot No:  20 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Ch'ing style opaque grey green jade sounding stone shaped pendant with incised decoration to both sides, 22cm long.

Lot No:  21 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Ts'ung ritual symbol in the Ch'ing period style, semi-opaque celadon and ochre jade, 5 x 7 x 7cm.

Lot No:  22 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Ch'ing style kneeling figure of a feline-headed human carved with incised and low relief decoration in a creamy white opaque jade, 12cm high.

Lot No:  23 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A large carved boulder jade Chinese mask, the stylised features set in a theatrical grimace, the opaque jade is speckled green, red and brown, 19 x 17cm.

Lot No:  24 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

Two Chen Knei green and black semi-opaque jade "Imperial sceptres" of authority, 24cm long. (2)

Lot No:  25 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A large and heavy opaque Chinese jade dragon, the beast with wrinkled snout and sail crest, 23cm high.

Lot No:  26 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A fine mainly green with some red jade Chinese dragon, 20cm high.

Lot No:  27 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A rare large archaic form "red" Chinese jade ring of a Mongolian horse, 27cm high.

Lot No:  28 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A mutton fat jade Chinese rhyton cup with carved antelope handles, 14cm long.

Lot No:  29 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An archaic form dragon handled ceremonial Chinese dagger in ochre spotted celadon jade, 27.5cm long overall.

Lot No:  30 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An opaque green jade ram's head handled Chinese ceremonial dagger.

Lot No:  31 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese small carved brown and green jade kneeling figure holding a bird, 8cm high.

Lot No:  32 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese white with brown and ochre pigment carved jade dragon axe blade, 14 x 11cm.

Lot No:  33 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese translucent green jade archaic form blade, 20 x 7cm.

Lot No:  34 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A carved celadon jade double dragon headed Huang, a "neolithic" cloud jade pi disc, and a jade pi disc centred with a dragon. (3)

Lot No:  35 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A carved and pierced white jade Chinese fish dragon pendant decorated with "sleeping silkworm cocoon" pattern.

Lot No:  36 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

Chinese jade hair clasp, geometric carving, 8.2cm h.

Lot No:  37 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An antique Sino-Tibetan white metal mounted jade teapot, studded with cabouchon coral and other stones, to each side a Hindu deity, 13cm high including lid.

Lot No:  38 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

Two antique Bhutanese strings of meditation beads of carved bone skulls. (2)

Lot No:  39 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A rare antique Nepalese white metal, coral and turquoise necklace.

Lot No:  40 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

Three antique Sino-Tibetan white metal bangles and an Indo-Chinese coin bracelet. (4)

Lot No:  41 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A heavy cast bronze figure of Ganesha, the Hindu elephant headed god, 21cm high.

Lot No:  42 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A gilt bronze Siamese flute player, 20cm high.

Lot No:  43 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An unusual Peking glass snuff bottle, carved white overlaid glass on grey glass decorated internally with many maidens, signed, 13cm high.

Lot No:  44 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A good early 19th C Peking cameo glass vase form snuff bottle, decorated with saffron over amber with a sinuous dragon, 8cm high.

Lot No:  45 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Korean underglazed blue and copper-red Yi Dynasty porcelain water dropper modelled as a peach with spray of leaves forming the back, 6.3cm dia. (with Christie's label on base for March 26th 1991 sale).

Lot No:  46 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A 19th C Korean Yi Dynasty crackle glazed stoneware water dropper, heightened with copper red, modelled as a seated Buddhistic temple dog, 10.9cm high (with Christie's label on base for March 26th 1991 sale).

Lot No:  47 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A late 19th/early 20th C Chinese carved soapstone figure of an immortal with russet staining, 28cm high.

Lot No:  48 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An antique Sino-Tibetan gilt metal footed cup and cover with blind filigree work enriched by coral and blue stone studs and bosses, 8 x 6.5cm dia.

Lot No:  49 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A highly decorative Sino-Tibetan gilt metal temple lion studded with blue cabouchon stones, 14 x 15cm l.

Lot No:  50 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A South East Asian antique bronze group of a deity sitting in the lotus position on a cobra throne, 16cm high.

Lot No:  51 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An early 19th C South East Asian relief votive plaque probably Laos (in silk covered fitted case), 15cm high.

Lot No:  52 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Peking cameo green over grey glass snuff bottle decorated with butterflies, 8cm high.

Lot No:  53 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese snuff bottle internally painted with Shubunkin and Fantail fish amongst pond weed, signed, 7.5cm high.

Lot No:  54 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An antique Nepalese gilt metal box and hinged cover decorated with typical blind filigree work, 3 x 9 x 5cm.

Lot No:  55 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An antique South East Asian scholar's book in concertina form with drawings of Balinese type dancers and an antique meditation tablet. (2)

Lot No:  56 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A collection of five antique bronze figures of the seated Buddha, the largest 7.5cm tall. (5)

Lot No:  57 (Silver)

Arts and Crafts style pewter chafing dish by William Hutton, rectangular with an oval cover the strap handle set with a cabochon, together with a Art Nouveau style pewter bread plate, decorated with wheat ears in low relief and a small quantity of plated ware, (qty)

Lot No:  58 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A 19th C Chinese carved agate jar and cover, the cover has a temple guard with sphere, the front carved and undercarved with dragon pursuing the flaming pearl of wisdom amongst clouds, 14cm high including cover.

Lot No:  59 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An antique Bhutanese Kapala, the mask of skull bone fragments is mounted with white metal features (purchased 4/6/87 from Christies), 24 x 16cm.

Lot No:  60 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese agate tortoise holding a flower in his mouth, 4 x 6cm.

Lot No:  61 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese antique polished bronze twin handled tripod censer impressed with period mark to the base, 10 x 16cm dia.

Lot No:  62 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese votive medallion bronze bas relief rectangular with arched top, with a deity among its heavenly clouds, signed and inscribed and with impressed mark verso, 11 x 6cm.

Lot No:  63 (Bronze)

Loet Vanderveen, Dutch sculptor (1921-2015), patinated bronze study of two cheetahs, signed limited edition 623/750, approx. 14 x 34cm.

Lot No:  64 (Bronze)

Loet Vanderveen, Dutch sculptor (1921-2015), patinated bronze study of a cheetah stalking, signed limited edition, 333/750, approx. 19 x 31cm.

Lot No:  65 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese bronze figure of a bearded warrior with conical hat and holding a sword, 18cm.

Lot No:  66 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A heavy solid cast bronze group of a pair of Chinese warlords standing back to back, praying, in full battle regalia, 11cm high.

Lot No:  67 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An Indian antique bronze figure of a deity on throne with attendants.

Lot No:  68 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A selection of Asian collectable artefacts comprising a bronze deity, two silver and turquoise rings, a snuff flask, and gilt metal mounts, etc, the largest 15cm high. (7)

Lot No:  69 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese gilt metal snuff bottle and an engraved and polychromed mother-of-pearl snuff bottle, 8cm high. (2)

Lot No:  70 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A rare relic container of metal mounted horn with white metal cover, tassel and bead, internal base of turquoise containing a white metal and bone item in velvet wrap, 11cm high.

Lot No:  71 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Sino-Tibetan gilt metal mounted agate snuff bottle studded with cabouchon stones, 10cm high.

Lot No:  72 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Tibetan bone, leather and gilt metal meditation drum, 19cm max. length.

Lot No:  73 (General)

A. Bofil, a bronze harvest vase with putti and sickle, signed with founder's mark to base, 17cm high.

Lot No:  74 (General)

An extremely rare 17th C carved olivewood cased triptych, the interior painted as primitive iconostases of various saints, 9 x 8cm when closed.

Lot No:  75 (General)

A gilt bronze and enamelled icon (early Christian), 14 x 12cm.

Lot No:  76 (General)

An unusual private devotional triptych, the centre with Neapolitan carved shell shrine flanked by Florentine saints in niches, all within Arts & Crafts oak cabinet, 21 x 21cm when closed.

Lot No:  77 (General)

A rare late 18th/early 19th C African carved ivory twin fetish of back to back figures with a cowrie shell embedded in the top, the figures in carved cowrie shell design tunics, 12cm high. (2)

Lot No:  78 (General)

A scarce African ethnic raffia and "flax" patchwork and applique cloth with geometric designs, faded earth colours, 340 x 50cm w.

Lot No:  79 (General)

A rare late 18th/early 19th C African carved ivory ceremonial mask, 14 x 8cm.

Lot No:  80 (General)

An early 19th C, circa 1800, Romanian icon on panel of the prophet Elijah (Ilija), inscribed verso, 22 x 18cm.

Lot No:  81 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Mike Williams (Born 1940), watercolour, pen and ink "Five Minutes Everybody...", signed , 29 x 38cm with The Rae-Smith Gallery label on the reverse.

Lot No:  82 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Hamilton Macallum, watercolour heightened with white "Cauliflour for Pickles", signed and dated (indistinctly) 20 x 40cm Institute of Painters in watercolours exhibition label verso.

Lot No:  83 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A 19th Century oil on copper of terriers with a rat, probably by George Armfield, 6 x 9.5cm (framed).

Lot No:  85 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Danny Byrne (20th century British) The Odds, watercolour, signed lower right, gallery label verso, 33x 26cm

Lot No:  86 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A Chinese padouk wood circular tray top table with carved and pierced gallery, and on a hinged "collapsible" base, 76 x 62cm dia.

Lot No:  87 (Silver)

Gentleman's silver travelling shaving set by Mappin & Webb, London 1890, including a brush and soap dispenser, within a tan leather case

Lot No:  88 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

An impressive 19th C Chinese bronze and champlev

Lot No:  89 (General)

A Louis Vuitton grained tan leather attache case with bronze mounts and locks (Louis Vuitton made in France 1081493).

Lot No:  90 (General)

A vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase with hide corners and straps.

Lot No:  91 (General)

An Aux Etats, Paris, steamer trunk with birch leather and bronze mounts (label on interior and numbered 18790), 60 x 120 x 60cm.

Lot No:  92 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

David Harper, acrylic on canvas, still life flowers in Chinese vase, signed with initials, 31 x 23cm (unframed).

Lot No:  93 (Furniture)

A Verdi Antico marble topped centre table on wrought iron base, circa 1928, 84 x 88 x 80cm.

Lot No:  94 (General)

A B and B Italia, self-supporting "Soft Wall", designed by C. Gerhards and A. Glucker, 190 x 198cm.

Lot No:  95 (Ceramics)

An impressive German salt glazed stoneware jardiniere and stand, 88cm high.

Lot No:  96 (General)

A pair of Rococo style brass framed bevelled glass three branch girandoles, 54 x 34cm. (2)

Lot No:  97 (General)

A pair of Rococo style gilt bronze candlesticks, 25.5cm high. (2)

Lot No:  98 (Ceramics)

A Vienna ovoid porcelain vase and cover on knop and socle with a painted panel, "Liebestraum", with gilt enrichments on dark blue ground, 23cm high.

Lot No:  99 (General)

A pair of gilt figures of putti holding torches aloft, 71cm high. (2)

Lot No:  100 (General)

A pair of Venetian style Blackamoor figures holding candelabra aloft and raised on bombe stands, height overall each 226cm. (4)

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