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Monday, 15th January

Lot No:  100 (Jewellery)

An exquisite Art Nouveau-style, sterling silver and colourful plique a jour butterfly pendant/brooch inset with faceted and cabochon red stones, 3.5 x 6 cm, Weight: 9.2 g.

Lot No:  101 (Furniture)

A chrome and smoky glass coffee table of square form 50 x 70 x 70 cm

Lot No:  102 (Silver)

Silver butter knife, spoon and fork, with plated forks

Lot No:  103 (Mirrors)

A large, gilt, over-mantel mirror with curved edges and scrolling detailing to the bottom edges and top of mirror. Dimensions of mirror frame: 100 x 85 cm. Mirror plate dimensions: 77 x 58 cm.

Lot No:  104 (Jewellery)

A fine, sterling silver, Art Deco-style bracelet inset with marcasite and coral plaques, composed of nine linked silver panels in total and a solid, large, rectangular silver clasp, Length 18 cm, Weight: 31 g.

Lot No:  105 (Furniture)

A vintage chrome stool, having a faux leather ivory coloured seat, 68 x 54 x 54 cm

Lot No:  106 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A 20th century pencil study portrait of an elderly gentleman wearing a hat; unsigned; sight size 25cm x 22cm.

Lot No:  107 (Clocks)

A brass carriage clock, having a swing handle to the top and Roman numerals to the enamelled dial, 13 x 7 x 6cm.

Lot No:  108 (General)

A collection of six Coalport figures from the Royal Brides Collection, four with plinths and certificate of authenticity, most from a limited edition of 7500, sculpted by John Bromley, including Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, Princess Diana, and Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother).

Lot No:  109 (Silver)

A hallmarked silver Colibri lighter together with two Ronson table lighters.

Lot No:  110 (Furniture)

A pair of vintage reclining chrome open armchairs, upholstered in grey/blue fabric, 94 x 75 x 90 cm

Lot No:  111 (Mirrors)

A large, rectangular ornamental wall mirror with moulded, gilt frame and bevelled glass plate. Dimensions of mirror frame: 106 x 76 cm. Dimensions of mirror plate:89 x 59 cm.

Lot No:  112 (Bronze)

A bronze figure of a dog, 13 x 19 x 10 cm

Lot No:  113 (Jewellery)

A collection costume and silver jewellery together with a 9ct gold wristwatch and Japanese red lacquered glasses case

Lot No:  114 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Three framed items, including a print of a chart 'A Chart of the Antilles or Charibbee, or Caribs Islands with The Virgin Isles' by L S De La Rochette MDCCLXXXIV, 57 x 49cm, a print of a map of 'The Countye of Monmouth' and a hand tinted print of Quebec. (3)

Lot No:  115 (General)

A matching pair of long, cast iron, Art Nouveau, grilles/panels, each panel composed of a central, stylised thistle with whiplash- curved fronds. Dimensions of each grille: 105 x 34 x 2 cm. (2)

Lot No:  116 (Furniture)

A set of eight retro dinning chairs, upholstered in grey/blue fabric, 102 x 45 x 60 cm

Lot No:  117 (Rugs)

A fine central Persian Kashan runner with Shah Abbas designs on an ivory field, surrounded by one frieze border, 307 x 80 cm.

Lot No:  118 (General)

A vintage blue Tai Hing Leather Goods Co of Hong Kong suitcase, 50 x 80 x 24cm.

Lot No:  119 (Mirrors)

A rectangular ornamental wall mirror with moulded, gilt frame and bevelled glass plate. Dimensions of mirror frame: 92 x 66 cm. Mirror plate dimensions: 74 x 48 cm.

Lot No:  120 (Furniture)

A large, wooden Chinese lidded box painted in pale green with metal lock and carrying handles; 45 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm.

Lot No:  121 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Richard Beer, an etching and aquatint depicting Mediterranean buildings, signed and titled indistinctly in pencil, sight size 64 x 49cm.

Lot No:  122 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Alasdair Banks, an unframed but mounted limited edition print of horse racing interest, signed in pencil, sight size 27 x 40 cm, together with a signed leaflet.

Lot No:  123 (Rugs)

A fine signed northeast Persian Mashad carpet, having a central medallion on an ivory field decorated with floral designs, with pink, turquoise and ivory spandrels, surrounded by one frieze and six running borders, 380 x 290cm

Lot No:  124 (Books)

Maxwell Baronet "The Works of Sir Wm Stirling" four volumes; pub. 1891, together with 8 others books on art themes. (12)

Lot No:  125 (Jewellery)

An elegant pair of sterling silver, amethyst and marcasite drop earrings, each stud earring supporting a large butterfly bearing a central, oval, faceted amethyst and studded wings, Earring Dimensions: 1.7 x 2.5 cm each, Gross Weight: 11.3 g. (2)

Lot No:  126 (Asian)

A Chinese stem cup, hand painted in the famille jeune palette, 6.5 x 8.5 x 8.5cm, together with a Chinese bronzed metal jar and cover.

Lot No:  127 (General)

A vintage suitcase, written 'Hong Kong D.J.S. England' to the side, 50 x 76 x 23cm.

Lot No:  128 (Books)

Buckwalter, L. "Video Games" pub. 1977, Grosset & Dunlap, New York.

Lot No:  129 (Silver)

A Goldsmiths and Silversmiths canteen of silver plated knives and forks, together with cased silver plated fish servers and six bronze spoons

Lot No:  130 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An Art Deco, pen and ink sketch of tree-lined landscape with hand written dedication "To Mrs C.M. Talbot Rice Bloomfields Win... 1938" (sight size 29 cm x 38 cm) together with another sketch of a tree (sight size 34.5 cm x 25.5 cm). (2)

Lot No:  131 (Ceramics)

A Chinese porcelain dish decorated in the famille rose palette, with floral reserves, 18 cm in diameter.

Lot No:  132 (Rugs)

A northwest Persian Tabriz carpet, the medallion on a deep red field, with spandrels, surrounded by one frieze and two running borders, 35 x 250cm

Lot No:  133 (Books)

"The Sculpture of Africa" pub. 1958, Thames & Hudson; also five other world art themed books. (6)

Lot No:  134 (General)

An umbrella having a 19th century Japanese ivory katana handle, together with a shooting stick and two walking sticks.

Lot No:  135 (Oriental)

A Tibetan Purbha, 24cm long, together with a brass pen dish, 23 x 5 x 2cm.

Lot No:  136 (Oriental)

A small Oriental hand painted porcelain and white metal mounted box, together with a Persian box, the mother of pearl lid hand painted with warriors on horseback.

Lot No:  137 (Books)

Four books on Theatre and Film including: Le Roux, H. and Garner, J. "Acrobats and Mountebanks"; "Masks, Mimes and Miracles" (4)

Lot No:  138 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

A boxed silver plated Dupont lighter.

Lot No:  139 (Ephemera)

A Jerusalem olivewood album of pressed flowers, together with Olympic playing cards and golf cigarette cards.

Lot No:  140 (Mirrors)

A pair of large, gilt-framed mirrors with ornate frames, Dimensions of mirror frames: 100 x 70 cm, Dimensions of plate glass: 84 x 54 cm. (2)

Lot No:  141 (Ceramics)

A collection of wall mounted ducks, mainly ceramic, including a Sylvac example, and a graduated set of pained metal ducks in flight.

Lot No:  142 (Jewellery)

A 14ct gold fine flat curb chain, 6g.

Lot No:  143 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A 19th century, boat crossing a lake scene; watercolour unsigned; sight size 16 cm x 25 cm together with a hand coloured engraving of a 19th century coach. (2)

Lot No:  144 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Richard Beer, a limited edition etching and aquatint 'Venice II' 12/100, signed, titled and numbered in pencil, sight size 64 x 49cm.

Lot No:  145 (General)

Five Russian souvenir spoons with painted enamel scenes.

Lot No:  146 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A set of eight humerous prints, mainly after Lawson Wood, sight size 25 x 18cm, in oak frames.

Lot No:  147 (Rugs)

A signed Northeast Persian Mashad carpet, the central medallion on a deep red field, with midnight blue spandrels, surrounded by one frieze and four running borders, 360 x 265cm

Lot No:  148 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

J. Lincoln-Rowe, (Marine Society), a large, pastel on paper of a barge boat and river-side dock area in Nigeria, gilt framed, mounted and glazed. 1979. Signed lower right hand corner. Dimensions of frame: 84 x 107 cm. Sight size: 55 x 80 cm.

Lot No:  149 (Books)

Morgan, A.L & Naylor, C. ed "Contemporary Designers" pub. 1984, Macmillan; and three other titles on jewellery and glass. (4)

Lot No:  150 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A contemporary classical print of a potted orange tree with gold-leaf detailing in a carved, gilt frame, Unsigned, framed and glazed. Dimensions of gilt frame: 79 x 65 cm, Print Dimensions: 68 x 53 cm.

Lot No:  151 (Silver)

A collection of silver items including jars, spoons and cruets.

Lot No:  152 (Asian)

A Chinese bronze incense burner, having a pierced lid, raised on three supports, stamped to the base, 8 x 9 x 9 cm.

Lot No:  153 (Jewellery)

An Agate bracelet together with two white metal mounted oval agate pendants, 5 x 2 x 0.5cm.

Lot No:  154 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

John Harris, after Henry Alken, an etching and aquatint 'The first steeple-chase on Record', sight size 38 x 43 cm.

Lot No:  155 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

J. Lincoln-Rowe, (Marine Society), oil on board, entitled, 'Mid-Atlantic SS Opalia', depicting a view of the deck in stormy seas, 1982, signed lower right hand corner, Framed and mounted, Dimensions of frame: 70 x 88 cm, Sight Size: 56 x 75 cm.

Lot No:  156 (Rugs)

A fine Northwest Persian Mashad rug, the medallion on a red field with midnight blue spandrels, surrounded by one frieze and two running borders, 200 x 140cm

Lot No:  157 (Jewellery)

A sterling silver magnifying glass pendant inset with white/pink opalites on a silver chain, Pendant Dimensions: 7 x 4 cm, Sterling silver chain length: 22 cm, Gross Weight: 18 g.

Lot No:  158 (Oriental)

A Chinese bronze censer with Fang Gu Zhai mark, having twin handles, raised on four supports, 7 x 17 x 8cm, in presentation box.

Lot No:  159 (Books)

A collection of seven books on London including: Bernetta, Mary "The Street Markets of London" pub 1936, John Mills, London. (7)

Lot No:  160 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Peter Blaine, two artist's proof prints 'Red Hat' 40 x 50cm, and 'Poppy' 60 x 50cm, signed and titled in pencil.

Lot No:  161 (Oriental)

A large, oriental, octagonal, lacquered box, the top inlaid with abalone shell, the interior painted red and with nine fitted sections/compartments. Provenance: The Federation of Korean Industries and The Korean/British Business Promotion Committee. Dia: 33 cm.

Lot No:  162 (Ceramics)

Two Roman terracotta oil lamps, one decorated with an impressed figure to the top, 2.5 x 9 x 6cm.

Lot No:  163 (Rugs)

A Southwest Persian Afshar rug, having diamond detail on a red field, surrounded by one frieze and two borders, 210 x 130 cm

Lot No:  164 (General)

An unusual, 19th century, walking cane composed of shark vertebrae and horn finial and collars, Length: 90 cm.

Lot No:  165 (Silver)

An unusual, cast sterling silver figure of a seated elephant with sapphire set eyes, and textured detailing to the elephant's skin, Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.5 cm, Weight: 17.7 g.

Lot No:  166 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

J. Lincoln-Rowe (Marine Society), an atmospheric pastel on paper drawing of ship machinery, 1979. Framed and mounted, Signed bottom right hand corner, Frame Dimensions: 104 x 82 cm, Sight Size: 77 x 57 cm.

Lot No:  167 (Jewellery)

A chunky 18ct yellow gold Bombe shaped ring, internally textured, ring size N, 12.6g.

Lot No:  168 (General)

An African polychrome beaded necklace.

Lot No:  169 (General)

Three fine quality, papier mache trinket boxes with hand-painted scenes to the lids, to include a medieval looking maiden, a posy of flowers and a Russian church on a mother of pearl shell plaque set in silver mount, all on black grounds with gilded details. 8.5 x 5.5 cm each approx. (3)

Lot No:  170 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A collection of three prints, the largest sight size 46 x 59cm.

Lot No:  171 (Furniture)

A rectangular gilt metal coffee table, having a plate glass top over an undertier, 50 x 107 x 40 cm.

Lot No:  172 (Pens)

A vintage set of two Mont Blanc pens with yellow metal components to include a ball-point pen and a fountain pen. Both pens marked 'Mont Blanc Germany'. Contained in a grey leather pouch. (2)

Lot No:  173 (Furniture)

A fine, Chinese red lacquered cabinet, having a pair of doors with a bolt, hand painted and gilded with figures within landscapes, 184 x 121 x 56cm.

Lot No:  174 (Jewellery)

A rough, natural, Baltic amber necklace, Length: 57 cm, 115 g.

Lot No:  175 (Mirrors)

A large, ornamental, gilt framed mirror, the frame decorated with gilt ribbons, leaves and berries with a bevelled glass mirror plate. Dimensions of mirror frame: 110 x 80 cm. Dimensions of bevelled glass plate: 87 x 59 cm.

Lot No:  176 (Oriental)

A Chinese song style vase with a green glaze, 23 x 13 x 13cm.

Lot No:  177 (Militaria)

A vintage WWII shell case and bullet gun belt (opens by sliding the central bullet and shell case), Length: 85 cm.

Lot No:  178 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

J. Lincoln-Rowe, (Marine Society),a pencil and pastel on paper, drawing of a ship's deck picked out by shades of pink and violet, 1983, Framed, glazed and mounted. Signed lower left hand corner. Frame dimensions: 77 x 87 cm, Sight Size: 42 x 56 cm.

Lot No:  179 (Ephemera)

Three 1940's to 1970's Persian postcards together with three Persianfirst day covers decorated with the Perspolice.

Lot No:  180 (Rugs)

A Southwest Persian Qashqai Kelim rug, decorated with figures within three lozenges on a red field, 360 x 150cm

Lot No:  181 (Furniture)

A mahogany dinning table with extra leaf and brass clips, raised on two pedestals with splayed feet, 70 x 192 x 122 cm

Lot No:  182 (Jewellery)

A boxed pair of 18 ct white gold studs (83 points). Diamond dimensions: 4 x 3 mm. (2)

Lot No:  183 (General)

A collection of three mid 20th century dressing table items, including a powder box, a compact decorated with a pheasant, and a heart form mirror on a key chain, together with a mid 20th century crystal necklace, and a hair net.

Lot No:  184 (Asian)

A Chinese chicken blood seal stone; 9.5 cm long

Lot No:  185 (Lighting)

Two marble, ornamental lamps, one composed of three spherical, polished marble balls on circular, marble plinth base (Height: 43 cm), the other lamp composed of a fine, gilt metal body adorned with scrolls, bows and reeded details on a large, circular, black marble base, on three gilt metal bun feet. (Height: 60 cm) (2)

Lot No:  186 (Jewellery)

A natural Baltic amber necklace, 65g,

Lot No:  187 (Furniture)

A mahogany writing desk with green, tooled leather writing base, super-structure support and attractive lyre-detailed legs on brass lion's paw casters. Dimensions: 93 x 91 x 61 cm.

Lot No:  188 (Oriental)

A Chinese song style bowl, having a mottled turquoise glaze, 8 x 23 x 23cm.

Lot No:  189 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

J. Lincoln-Rowe, (Marine Society), pastel on paper entitled, 'In the Gulf', depicting a view of a ship's deck in detail, 1983, Gilt framed, mounted and glazed, signed bottom right hand corner, Frame Dimensions: 64 x 74 cm, Sight Size: 45 x 58 cm.

Lot No:  190 (Mirrors)

A large, gilt wall mirror with a decorative frame set with moulded, swirl -detailing along the outer and inner edges with a bevelled glass mirror plate. Dimensions of mirror frame: 91 x 65 cm. Mirror plate dimensions: 74 x 49 cm.

Lot No:  191 (Oriental)

A Chinese blue and white porcelain vase, having a flared rim, decorated with figures amongst landscapes, 32 x 16.5 x 16.5cm.

Lot No:  192 (General)

A circular brass tray with engraved detail, 48cm diameter.

Lot No:  193 (General)

An array glass wares: candelabra , figurines etc

Lot No:  194 (Jewellery)

A Baltic amber necklace of 96 graduated beads, 42g gross.

Lot No:  195 (Jewellery)

A pair of sterling silver, marcasite and turquoise, long, Art Deco-style drop stud earrings, composed of a turquoise-set design to the base of each earring, Earring Dimensions: 6 x 2 cm, Gross Weight: 12.3 g. (2)

Lot No:  196 (Oriental)

A Chinese porcelain Cong vase, having a sang de bouef glaze, 25 x 9 x 9cm.

Lot No:  197 (Jewellery)

A 14 ct yellow gold, South Sea pearl cluster ring, composed of six, pink/white, round, South Sea pearls in an ornate gold mount with a scalloped edge set with six, small, round pearls to an open work gold gallery, slender sloping shoulders and round shank, Ring Size: M 1/2, Weight: 5.9 g.

Lot No:  198 (General)

A cased set of three serving utensils with bone handles and finely cast silver finials decorated with ram's heads in a black velvet-lined box. Box dimensions: 14 x 42 cm. (3)

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