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Monday, 14th May

Lot No:  300 (Clocks)

A Halycon days, enamelled, miniature clock, with gilt metal dial bezel and stepped base, white circular, enamel dial with black roman numerals and marked 'Halcyon Days Enamels', the cream ground of the clock decorated with neoclassical swags, garlands and flowers. In working order and excellent, un-damaged condition. 6.5 x 5 x 2.8 cm. (Engraved 'Halcyon  read more 

Lot No:  301 (Oriental)

Chinese Ming style blue and white vase, with crackle glaze to body and biscuit glaze to base. The design is enclosed in five panels with dense foliage and Chinese inspired marks. Condition: (A/F) Firing marks to body. Diameters: Height: 21 cm Width: 18 cm Rim: 11 cm

Lot No:  302 (Ceramics)

To include a large Imari-patterned, footed punch bowl with scalloped rim and hand-decorated with floral motifs, stylised terraces and bridges (Dia: 28 cm), two Japanese brush pots, one cylindrical blue and white example (Height: 24 cm), and a hexagonal white ground example decorated with birds and flowers (Height: 20 cm) with a Royal Worcester porcelain  read more 

Lot No:  303 (Oriental)

Chinese style black vase, inspired by the Jia Zhou Dynasty. The vase is on a circular base and body with a long slim neck and a round opening rim. The glaze is a black faint crackle with exposed foot rim and decorated with two mythical beasts. Condition: (A/F) Slight ware to interior of the rim, small fritting and firing marks. Diameter: Height: 28  read more 

Lot No:  304 (Lighting)

An ornate, metal, hanging lantern with hanging handle at top with pierced fret-work decoration to the edges and overall, scalloped shape, standing on four lion's paw feet. Height: 46 cm, Width: 25 cm.

Lot No:  305 (Oriental)

Chinese Qing style blue and white bulbous vase with un-glazed brown dragons and on a circular base. Decorated with circular enclosing lines to base and rim. Two dragons appear to be in flight and surrounded by clouds. Condition: (A/F) Slight browning to the exterior body and firing marks. Height: 31 cm Width: 16.5 cm Rim: 7 cm

Lot No:  306 (Jewellery)

A large quantity of sterling silver jewellery to include silver and gem set rings, sterling silver necklaces, chains and pendants, sterling silver and gem set earrings, brooches etc. (QTY)

Lot No:  307 (Oriental)

Tibetan bronze Buddha decorated with an ornate design, gilding to body and natural rubies and emeralds. The figure is seated with legs crossed and holding a cup. The sculpture is covered in gold, blue, red and green paint and tiles as part of the figures decoration and clothing. Condition: (A/F) Scratches to base. Diameters: Height 19 cm Width: 18 cm  read more 

Lot No:  308 (Jewellery)

A large quantity of costume jewellery and other items to include brooches, necklaces, two brass letter-openers, a French, gilt metal devotional wall icon, a cigar cutter, rings and other items. (QTY)

Lot No:  309 (Sculpture)

A group of five, tall, African, hand-carved, sculptures consisting of a carved African couple both on oval shaped bases (Heights: 55 and 58 cm), a giraffe (41 cm), embracing couple (45 cm) and a couple dancing (32 cm). (5)

Lot No:  310 (Oriental)

A large, Chinese, Ming-style, hand-painted, blue and white jar, the bulbous body of the jar decorated with fish in a stream with phoenixes to the band above and lobed, floral decoration to the footed base, with applied ceramic and hand-painted dragon handles to the neck of the large jar. Height: 24.5 cm, Width: 22 cm, Rim dia; 12.5 cm.

Lot No:  311 (Oriental)

Chinese Ming style blue and white plate. The top is decorated with a dragon surrounded by clouds and enclosed in two circular lines. The base is marked with the Dynasty and Emperors' seal, which is enclosed in two circular rings. The base edge is glazed in a red Guan style. Condition: (A/F) Good. Diameter: 21.5 cm

Lot No:  312 (General)

A 1930's black lacquered and Chinoiserie, 3 tier, cake-stand (fold-able) each of the three, hexagonal trays decorated with an oriental, gilt landscape (Dia: 20.5 cm). Cake-stand Height: 68 cm, Width: 24 cm.

Lot No:  313 (Oriental)

Chinese Ming style enamel circular bowl, decorated with a blue interior and the base marked with four Chinese characters enclosed in a two square lines. The exterior to the bowl is decorated with a yellow background and blue motifs to the foot and opening rim. the foreground is decorated with dense floral foliage and birds with peaches. Condition: (A/F)  read more 

Lot No:  314 (Musical Instruments)

Four children's, cased violins each with bows (Sizes 1/2 and 1/4). (4)

Lot No:  315 (Furniture)

An Edwardian, ebonised, occasional table with circular top, on four, slender turned legs and with a square-shaped, galleried section to the base of the table. Height: 65 cm, Dia of top: 62 cm.

Lot No:  316 (Toys, Dolls, Games)

A large quantity of hand-painted, Victorian-style, Christmas figurines, (ideal for Christmas displays and cake decoration) approx heights: 4 - 7 cm. (QTY)

Lot No:  317 (General)

Calcite stone vase and bowl with a minimal and craft design. The layers and textures of the stone are incorporated into the items design. Condition: Good. Vase Diameter: Height: 12 cm Rim: 8 cm Bowl Diameter: Height: 8 cm Rim: 12 cm

Lot No:  318 (Glass)

A set of six, hand-blown, engraved, green glass champagne flutes with clear glass stems and rounded bases, All in excellent condition. Height: 23.5 cm, Rim dia: 5.5 cm. (6)

Lot No:  319 (Ceramics)

A Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery preserve jar with a silver plated lid, handle and spoon, 15 x 10.5 x 9.5cm.

Lot No:  320 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

C. Bank (contemporary), A colourful, abstract oil painting on canvas depicting four jockeys on horseback, with great movement and energy to the horses and riders, Sight size: 49 x 59 cm. Frame dimensions: 60 x 70 cm.

Lot No:  321 (Rugs)

An extremely fine northwest Persian Heriz runner, having fifteen medallions on an ivory field, surrounded by one frieze and two running borders, 385 x 80 cm.

Lot No:  322 (Asian)

Four Chinese jade pendant pieces, three of the items agate and one is headstone. The design of the four pieces vary. The first is a jumping fish amber surrounded by bubbles. The second is a clear - white swan enclosed in bubbles and bamboo. The third is five bats enclosing a flower in green. The fourth is a black mythical beast head with the ying-yang  read more 

Lot No:  323 (Oriental)

Chinese Ming style blue and white chrysanthemum vase, with five rim openings surrounding the centre neck, in the shape of a flower and supported by five circular foot bases. The vase is decorated with cherry blossom and the base is marked with four Chinese characters. Condition: Star hairline to opening of the centre rim and fritting to the glaze of  read more 

Lot No:  324 (Asian)

A Chinese jadeite snuff bottle with no stopper. The snuff bottle is a slim shape with a circular rim opening. Condition: Good. Diameter: Height: 5 cm Width: 4 cm Depth: 1 cm

Lot No:  325 (Ceramics)

A large collection of antique and vintage ceramics to include a 19th century, blue and white sponge-ware bowl and saucer, a 19th century, Scott Brothers twin handled, pottery dish, a 19th c famille rose teapot (without lid) and other items. (QTY)

Lot No:  326 (Jewellery)

An 18 ct (tested) white gold, champagne coloured diamond, solitaire ring in a four-claw mount. Size: N 1/2, weight: 2 g. Diamond: 4 x 4 mm.

Lot No:  327 (Pens)

A collection of fountain pens to include examples by Parker, one black Parker fountain pen example having a 14 ct yellow gold nib and fittings with other examples. (QTY)

Lot No:  328 (Asian)

Chinese print of a bird sitting in a tree amongst foliage, flowering blossom and fruits. Black and red ink used on the drawing and the calligraphy which is positioned around the drawing and accompanied with various Chinese marks and seals. Condition: Good, some wear to backing paper. Diameter: Length: 66 cm Width: 37 cm

Lot No:  329 (Ceramics)

A pair of Persian, Rosenthal, Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi soup bowls with gilt handles, used by royalty & heads of state in the 1960's/70's with 22 ct yellow gold rim with sun with lion motif. Unused and in excellent condition, Dia: 13 cm. (2)

Lot No:  330 (Glass)

A large collection of antique and contemporary, coloured glassware to include, engraved glasses, antique, glass pharmacy bottles, glass eggcups, cranberry glass and others. (QTY)

Lot No:  331 (Oriental)

A Chinese printed scroll with monk and attendant seated in a mountain environment while performing a ceremony. Surrounded by Chinese calligraphy and red Chinese marks. Condition: Some wear Diameters: Length: 173 cm Width: 65 cm

Lot No:  332 (General)

A collection of lapis lazuli and malachite to include five items of lapis lazuli, a rough pebble of malachite and a rectangular, small, lidded malachite box (3 x 5 x 4 cm) (QTY)

Lot No:  333 (Jewellery)

A loose, natural, oval-shaped, faceted ruby, Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 5 mm. Weight: 1.6 g.

Lot No:  334 (Rugs)

A Rug Company inspired Dhurrie runner in hues of grey, 300 x 80 cm.

Lot No:  335 (Garden)

A weighty, Art Nouveau, terracotta, bust of Joan of Arc with armoured detailing and wearing a garland of laurel leaves. Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 17 cm.

Lot No:  336 (Mirrors)

A pair of antique mirrors to include an oval-shaped, ebonised and gilt framed mirror with bevelled glass plate (39 x 49 cm) and a small, rectangular, carved gilt wood frame with mirror plate (33 x 26 cm). (2)

Lot No:  337 (Jewellery)

Two, loose, natural, oval-shaped, faceted rubies, Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 5 mm and 1 x 7 x 4 mm. Gross weight: 2.3 g. (2)

Lot No:  338 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

F. Chaplin Smith (contemporary), A gilt-framed coastal oil painting, Sight size: 16 x 26 cm, Frame dimensions: 24 x 34 cm. Signed by artist bottom right corner.

Lot No:  339 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

Twelve, loose, 18th century, Iranian manuscript leaves handwritten in Arabic & Farsi, Page dimensions: 24 x 16 cm each. (12)

Lot No:  340 (Jewellery)

A large collection of vintage, costume jewellery to include Art Deco rhinestone-studded brooches and other examples, a Butler and Wilson blue crystal flower necklace, a selection of fine-quality gem-set and leather cuff bangles, three chunky, faux pearl necklaces, a pink-suede-cased, crystal-studded necklace, and other necklaces and items (QTY).

Lot No:  341 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

G. Howse, (British), A 19th century, watercolour on paper of Eton College Chapel by the banks of the river with boaters, circa 1850, Sight size: 21 x 32 cm. Frame: 40 x 50 cm. Some foxing but colours good. In an ebonised frame, mounted and glazed.

Lot No:  342 (Militaria)

A collection of Persian, 1960/70's Pahlavi period officers buttons shoulder pips and medal, (QTY)

Lot No:  343 (Rugs)

A Persian Kordi rug, the medallion on a dark ground, guarded by one frieze and two running borders, 300 x 150 cm.

Lot No:  344 (Ceramics)

A Royal Crown Derby Imari 2451 pattern plate, 27cm diameter, together with a Royal Crown Derby Royal Pinxton Roses pattern dish, 26cm diameter.

Lot No:  345 (Jewellery)

Two large, statement silver brooches to include an abstract silver and turquoise-studded example (4 x 10 cm), a weighty, abstract silver bar design brooch with yellow metal binding (3 x 13 cm) and an Edwardian silver plated, pierced belt composed of linked panels, each stamped EPNS to an elaborate front buckle, Length: 65 cm. (3)

Lot No:  346 (Rugs)

An antique Caucasian runner with a navy blue, central ground decorated with repeating paisley-motifs and surrounded by three outer borders in shades of deep red and teal with red floral motifs, Dimensions: 290 x 85 cm.

Lot No:  347 (Bronze)

A pair of contemporary lifesize bronze sculptures of cranes, the largest 134cm high.

Lot No:  348 (Ceramics)

Capo Di Monte porcelain figure group, Italian. The scene depicts two figures in a meadow, one is a Cavalier riding a horse and the other is a maiden flower picking. The base is glazed and marked, the scene is not glazed. Condition: Riding ropes damaged. Diameters: Height: 21 cm Width: 20 cm Depth: 13 cm

Lot No:  349 (Sculpture)

A silvered figure of a golfer, swinging his club, raised on a circular marble base, height 49cm.

Lot No:  350 (Mirrors)

A white painted, wooden, pier mirror with bevelled glass plate and decorative putti frieze above the plate glass panel, Dimensions: 71 x 38 cm, Bevelled mirror plate: 34 x 24 cm.

Lot No:  351 (Asian)

Chinese black ink scroll of a horse captured in movement, with Chinese calligraphy to the bottom right of the image and red Chinese four mark seal. Condition: Image is in good condition, edges of backing paper has some wear. Diameters: Length: 70 cm Width: 37 cm

Lot No:  352 (Ceramics)

A large, 1930's, Clarice Cliff, hand-painted, circular, wall plaque with a cream-coloured ground, decorated with a relief-moulded basket of anemones with blue ribbon detail. No chips. Mark on reverse, 'Clarice Cliff, Newport Pottery, England', Dia: 34 cm.

Lot No:  353 (Rugs)

An antique, Caucasian, Kelim runner decorated with repeating motifs in shades of navy blue, terracotta, deep pink and chocolate brown, Dimensions: 240 x 80 cm.

Lot No:  354 (Rugs)

A fine northwest Persian Nahawand rug, the medallion on a red field, guarded by one frieze and two running borders, 242 x 156 cm.

Lot No:  355 (General)

To include a polished horn carving of two rutting bison on a polished horn base (7 x 20 cm), a circular, lidded, lacquered Japanese box with applied gilt decoration with blossom and birds, standing on three, turned, ebonised feet (Dia: 20.5 cm) and a pair of bronzed and gilt metal candle sconces in the rococo style. (16 x 26 cm each). (4)

Lot No:  356 (Rugs)

A William Morris inspired hand made wool carpet, decorated with palmettes on an ivory field, surrounded by one frieze and four running borders, 300 x 250cm.

Lot No:  357 (Asian)

Five Chinese metal rings. Four of similar design with dragons in movement and hissing their tongues on an oval base. The last is a Chinese symbol mark surrounded by floral foliage, on a square base. The decoration of the rings is ornate and the bands are adjustable. Condition: Good, some wear. Diameters of the dragon rings: 2 cm Length: 3.5 cm Square  read more 

Lot No:  358 (Asian)

Two Asian porcelain snuff bottles with lids and various designs. The first bottle is a Dutch Delft snuff bottle and lid with a Japanese design. The body is round with a tall slim neck. The scene depicts a fishing port village with a leaf mark to the base. Condition: Good. Diameter: Height: 7 cm Width: 5 cm The second is Chinese porcelain snuff bottle  read more 

Lot No:  359 (Asian)

Chinese silvered dome trading token of a mount and marks hammered into it . The base is flat and slightly pressed into. There are two rows of three Chinese marks and a knot in the middle. Condition: good, some wear to edge. Diameter: Height: 3 cm Width: 5 cm

Lot No:  360 (Oriental)

Large Chinese green crackle glaze drug jar with cover, and biscuit glaze base. Inspired by the Celadon style. Condition: (A/F) Good. Diameters with cover: 36 cm Width: 19.5 cm

Lot No:  361 (Lighting)

An ornamental lamp composed of an antique, wooden, wagon-wheel hub, decoratively bound in the original strips of hand-beaten cast iron, to the brass light fitting at the top. In working order. Height: 41 cm, Width: 24 cm.

Lot No:  362 (Furniture)

A pair of Barcelona style chairs with white leather buttoned cushions on chromed supports, 76 x 68 x 80cm.

Lot No:  363 (General)

A large antique rustic French copper ladle, set an iron handle with a hook on the end for hanging, 67 x 17 x 11cm.

Lot No:  364 (Rugs)

A Northwest Persian tribal rug, having a dark frield with spandrels, surrounded by one frieze and two running borders, 266 x 122 cm.

Lot No:  365 (Sculpture)

A pair of white painted cast iron figures of Pelicans (one has a damaged foot), 42cm high.

Lot No:  366 (Rugs)

An extremely fine central Persian Kurk Kashan carpet, the central medallion on a red field with spandrels, guarded by one frieze and six running borders, 370 x 255 cm.

Lot No:  367 (General)

A pair of 20th century, carved oak napkin rings in the style of Robert (Mouseman) Thompson, each napkin ring being seven sided with one facet adorned with a craved mouse and tail, Dia: 5 cm each. (2)

Lot No:  368 (Fashion)

An unworn, contemporary, Japanese, pale-pink, ruched, scarf made in Kyoto with original labels and leaflet. Length: 175 x 20 cm.

Lot No:  369 (Jewellery)

A 1930's, 9 ct yellow gold, engraved, propelling pencil (without lead) and with a 9 ct yellow gold pendant loop, Length: 20 cm, Weight: 13 g.

Lot No:  370 (Oriental)

A large, oriental, rustic, green-painted, wooden storage container with circular lid, having a bulbous body composed of a barrel-like structure and decorative brass banding, Height: 33 cm, Lid dia: 34 cm.

Lot No:  371 (Oriental)

Two jade mythical beast inspired ornaments. One is a circular pendant with a two layer cut out design of a beast hidden in foliage. The other is a sculpture of a two headed beast, with engraved design. Condition: Pendant: (A/F) Good with small fritting to back of the pendant. Sculpture: (A/F) Good. Diameter: Pendant: 5.5 cm Sculpture: Height: 3 cm  read more 

Lot No:  372 (Jewellery)

A weighty, 800 silver, Persian bracelet composed of numerous, rectangular, plain and engraved panels to solid silver and engraved ends and a silver chain fastener (Length: 30 cm) with an Indian silver tassel necklace (Length: 40 cm) (2)

Lot No:  373 (Asian)

A collection of Japanese items, to include two pairs of green jade chopsticks with rests, two, boxed fans and two, boxed, unused and lidded sake cups (Height: 10 cm each). (QTY)

Lot No:  374 (General)

A German wooden, panel depicting Jesus on a cross (34.5 x 21 cm) together with a finely carved renaissance style panel (a/f) & a framed Victorian silk and lace scarf (27 x 22 cm) (3)

Lot No:  375 (Furniture)

Two, vintage step ladders, the smaller example having three steps (63 x 40 cm) and an artist's ladder having four steps (99 x 37 cm). (2)

Lot No:  376 (Asian)

A pair of Japanese, Hokusai woodcut prints of Shinto arches, (Sight size: 17.5 x 12 cm), together with a framed, Kitagawa Utamaro woodcut painting & a watercolour painting on silk (A/F) (Sight size: 35 x 24 cm. (4)

Lot No:  377 (Jewellery)

A sterling silver, large, white crystal and faceted, black stone pendant to a white crystal studded pendant loop, Dimensions: 4.5 x 2 cm.

Lot No:  378 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

J.C Nattes, A pen & ink Kensington gravel pits sketch ( 22 x 32 cm) with a loose, 19th century, watercolour of a stream (35 x 50 cm). (2)

Lot No:  379 (Ceramics)

Three Art Deco Beswick items including a pair of jugs, 27cm high with a matching vase, all with a green and tan glaze.

Lot No:  380 (Fashion & Textiles)

A French, designer, Simone Mirmon ivory silk dress adorned with a band of hand sewn sequins and beads, together with two pairs of long leather gloves in white and grey (3)

Lot No:  381 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An 18th century oil on canvas laid to panel of a horse study (Sight size: 32 x 42 cm) with a framed and glazed landscape of a green vista with blue skies (Sight size: 25 x 34 cm). (2)

Lot No:  382 (Lighting)

A large, 18th century, Chinese, hand-enamelled lamp, the tall rectangular body, hand decorated with pink and purple floral sprays with green foliage, to decorative brass fittings and an adjustable brass pole to heighten and lower the length of the twin bulb pediment. Lamp sits on a fitted, wooden base with four carved, feet. Height: 20 cm, Width: 20  read more 

Lot No:  383 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A Jewish unframed, abstract, oil on canvas of a town-scene (59 x 42 cm) with a gilt framed, French, town scene in graphite on textile by A. Jacob (Sight size: 27 x 21 cm) (2)

Lot No:  384 (Oriental)

White jade carved sitting dog of Fo with head tiled backwards and expressing a positive emotion, which is emphasised by the movement of the tale. Condition: Good. Diameter: Height: 4.5 cm Width: 5.5 cm Depth: 1.2 cm

Lot No:  385 (Rugs)

A large Turkoman carpet with repeated elephant foot motifs on a red field, 325 x 225cm.

Lot No:  386 (Musical Instruments)

A vintage Auto Harp with burgundy lacquered finish, 54 x 31.5 x 7cm.

Lot No:  387 (Oriental)

A Chinese blue and white porcelain brush pot, hand painted with an extensive and fantastical landscape, 16 x 19 x 19cm, with a contemporary presentation box.

Lot No:  388 (Ceramics)

A Rosenthal, 'Sanssouci, U.S. Zone' porcelain and gilded, tea service adorned with pink flowers, comprising of a twin-handled, large serving plate (Dia: 31 cm), ten sandwich plates (Dia: 20.5 cm), ten saucers (Dia: 15 cm), ten cups (Dia: 9.5 cm), a large lidded teapot (Height: 27 cm), a milk jug (Height: 11.5 cm) and lidded sugar-pot with twin handles  read more 

Lot No:  389 (Rugs)

A Persian Hamadan rug, having a medallion on a red field with spandrels, within one frieze and one running border, 207 x 107 cm.

Lot No:  390 (Furniture)

A contemporary footstool, upholstered in grey buttoned fabric, 36 x 85 x 85cm.

Lot No:  391 (Mirrors)

An Edwardian oval walnut wall mirror with a heavy bevelled mirror plate, 64 x 49 x 2.5cm.

Lot No:  392 (Jewellery)

A large collection of antique and period costume jewellery to include a silver ring, a silver and enamel brooch, three specimen pieces of malachite, a brown glass cameo pendant, two jet brooch, earrings, a bag of shell and other buttons, an antique silver and porcelain plaque bracelet, cufflinks, a silver plaited chain necklace, a 1910-1935 Silver Jubilee  read more 

Lot No:  393 (Lighting)

A pair of contemporary silvered storm lanterns, 60 x 23 x 23cm.

Lot No:  394 (Pens)

A Dupont boxed, weighty, Dupont, Paris, 18 ct gold plated, fountain pen with black enamel strip detail to upper case, Signed 'Dupont' 18 KP on nip, Length: 14 cm.

Lot No:  395 (Jewellery)

Two, rough, graduated, Baltic, amber bead necklaces, lengths: 30 and 33 cm. Gross weight: 94 g. (2)

Lot No:  396 (Oriental)

A Chinese blue and white porcelain Kraak style vase, hand painted with flowers, 32.5 x 15 x 15cm, with a contemporary presentation box.

Lot No:  397 (Works of Art)

A framed, wool-work picture of an eighteenth-century boy in a pitched pine frame, Sight size: 26 x 19 cm, Frame: 30 x 23.5 cm.

Lot No:  398 (Rugs)

A Lelian runner, the central medallion on a red field, guarded by one frieze and two running borders, 300 x 97cm.

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