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Monday, 11th June

Lot No:  1 (Furniture)

An Arts and Crafts, Gothic-style, pine, desk with mirror, inlaid with ebony and satinwood Gothic motifs, pierced trefoil detailing and having six short drawers, standing on eight, carved, squared feet. Diameter: 150 cm.

Lot No:  2 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

August Vincent Tack, (1870-1949), (American), Oil on wooden panel depicting a rural landscape with Pittsburgh city in the horizon, Signed 'A. Tack' in red oil paint in bottom left hand corner. H: 30 cm W: 40.5 cm.

Lot No:  3 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A set of four framed prints, depicting English hunting scenes, 19th Century. H: 24 cm W: 32 cm

Lot No:  4 (Lighting)

A weighty, bronzed, lamp adorned with a cavalier gentleman on a circular base (with a green, silk shade), Lamp Height: 69 cm, Shade: H: 28 cm W: 35 cm D: 15 cm.

Lot No:  5 (Oriental)

Eight different scenes from the life of Buddha (Tallest: 12 cm) and ten different worshippers of Buddha (Tallest: 5.5 cm), Burmese.

Lot No:  6 (Militaria)

WW2 medal group to include the Africa star, the Italy star, the 1939-1945 star, Defence medal and 1939-1945 medal with miniature dress examples. All with ribbons. (10)

Lot No:  7 (Militaria)

WWI medals to include a 1914 - 1918 medal, a 1914-1918 War Service Mercantile Marine medal with three, miniature dress examples and Royal Life-Saving Society collection to include a 1933 medal and two enamel and gilt metal Royal Life-Saving Society badges. (QTY).

Lot No:  8 (Oriental)

A large Chinese Republic porcelain vase with rural landscape scene. H: 39 cm D: 14 cm R: 8 cm

Lot No:  9 (Rugs)

Persian Hamadan carpet ornately decorated. H: 300 cm W: 112 cm

Lot No:  10 (Oriental)

Seven South East Asian cow bells. Biggest to Smallest: 1st H: 12 cm D: 9 cm 2nd H: 11 cm D: 7 cm 3rd H: 12 cm D: 7 cm 4th H: 8.5 cm D: 6.5 cm 5th H: 9 cm D: 6 cm 6th H: 8 cm D: 3.7 cm 7th H: 6.7 cm D: 5 cm

Lot No:  11 (Lighting)

Circa 1900, A weighty, brass candelabrum with three branches and central figure on a raised and ornate base: H: 56 cm, W: 29 cm.

Lot No:  12 (Oriental)

Four Chinese agate pendants depicting a Buddha (H: 7 cm W: 4.5 cm D: 0.5 cm), mythical beasts (H: 6 cm W: 6 cm D: 1 cm), a mystical beast amongst clouds (H: 6 cm W: 4.5 cm D: 05. cm), a ring (H: 4.5 cm W: 4.5 cm D: 0.5 cm) and one bone archery ring (H: 2 cm D: 3 cm)

Lot No:  13 (Books)

A collection of eight Persian Pahlavi period government headed documents and Persian news reports. A/F

Lot No:  14 (Rugs)

A Persian Ghorveh carpet ornately decorated. H: 275 cm W: 130 cm

Lot No:  15 (Rugs)

A fine, North-west, Persian, Kirman runner, H: 300 cm W: 78 cm.

Lot No:  16 (Photography & Film)

Early film equipment, including two for photography (Larger camera: H: 21 cm W: 9 cm D: 4 cm Smaller Camera: H: 7 cm W: 12 cm D: 3 cm), a spare lens (H: 2.5 cm D: 4.5 cm), binoculars (H: 12 cm W: 16 cm D: 6 cm) and a camera for filming (H: 12 cm W: 24 cm D: 6 cm).The majority of the equipment is Kodak and all come with their own cases.

Lot No:  17 (Furniture)

A large contemporary designer wrought iron and glass-topped table, on four splayed iron legs with decorative wrought iron frame. Glass top in good condition. H: 80 cm W: 230 cm D: 90 cm.

Lot No:  18 (Oriental)

A large Chinese Celadon style green ginger jar with crackle glaze with wooden lid. H: 23.5 cm D: 22 cm R: 10 cm

Lot No:  19 (Lighting)

Two lamps to include a carved alabaster table lamp (H: 36 cm) and an early 20th century, brass gas light with white glass shade and clear glass chimney. Good condition. (H: 55 cm) (2)

Lot No:  20 (Rugs)

A fine, central Persian, Kashan carpet, H: 365 cm W: 248 cm

Lot No:  21 (Toys, Dolls, Games)

Large collection of marbles, including circa 19th century Victorian examples. A/F.

Lot No:  22 (Glass)

Two glass engraved beakers, early 18th century. H: 10 cm D: 8 cm

Lot No:  23 (Lighting)

Large brass Flemish style chandelier with twelve branches. A/F. H: 85 cm W: 90 cm

Lot No:  24 (Oriental)

Three celadon jade pendants depicting a bird (H: 6 cm W: 4 cm D: 0.5 cm), a monkey (H: 5 cm W: 3 cm D: 0.3 cm) and a landscape scene (H: 5 cm W: 3 cm D: 0.3 cm).

Lot No:  25 (Lighting)

A brass Flemish style chandelier with nine branches. A/F. H: 65 cm W: 85 cm

Lot No:  26 (Oriental)

South east Asia collectables. Wooden Buddha image from Isaan. Height: 29.5 cm Width: 7.2 cm Depth: 5 cm Metal Buddha image from Laos. H: 14.5 cm W: 4 cm D: 3 cm Three Thai hill metal tribal necklaces. D: 19.5 cm Two wooden moon cake moulds, each with different cake designs. H: 33 cm W: 10 cm D: 5 cm Two south east Asian metal cow bells of various design  read more 

Lot No:  27 (Glass)

A 19th Century red and clear Bohemian glass vase, engraved with Central European locations. H: 19 cm D: 8 cm

Lot No:  28 (Objects of Vertu)

Three Bilston on Battersea enamel boxes, two oval and one in the shape of a love heart, 18th Century. A/F.

Lot No:  29 (Lighting)

Large brass Flemish style chandelier with twelve branches. A/F. H: 110 cm W: 90 cm D: 90 cm

Lot No:  30 (Rugs)

A North-west, Persian, nahawand carpet. H: 300 cm W: 150 cm.

Lot No:  31 (Oriental)

A Chinese Blanc de Chine bowl with under glaze decoration of dragons. H: 6.5 cm D: 12.3 cm

Lot No:  32 (Books)

Four double sided Persian hand-written manuscripts leafs in Arabic. Two circa 17th Century & two circa 18th Century. H:20 cm W: 12 cm

Lot No:  33 (General)

Late 19th Century brass desk stand adorned with putti playing the drums. Condition: A/F H: 12 cm W: 23 cm D: 11.5 cm

Lot No:  34 (Lighting)

A 1930's, mottled-white glass plafonier with green and purple grape motifs the the outside edge, with three hooks and chains for hanging. In excellent condition. Dia: 35 cm. Lamp height: 15 cm, Drop: 36 cm.

Lot No:  35 (Oriental)

A pair of red and gold glazed Japanese Kutani vases with a pair of handles and depicting animals amongst foliage. H: 30 cm D: 16 cm R: 8 cm

Lot No:  36 (Oriental)

A Chinese Ding Yao style ceramic dish with floral design. H: 5 cm D: 20 cm

Lot No:  37 (Books)

Early Qajar period leather bound book in pat stone-print and Arabic hand-writing with some Farsi annotations to boarders. A/F. H: 21 cm W: 12 cm D: 2 cm

Lot No:  38 (Furniture)

A pair of late 19th century rosewood child chairs with green velvet set and back. Condition: some loose threading. H: 87 cm W: 41 cm D: 38 cm

Lot No:  39 (Oriental)

A large Chinese scroll depicting a bird amongst a cherry blossom tree. H: 198 cm W: 77.5 cm

Lot No:  40 (Rugs)

A fine, central, Persian, Kashan carpet, H: 270 cm D: 150 cm.

Lot No:  41 (Jewellery)

A collection of sterling silver jewellery items and 'Africa' medal with ribbon, to include chunky silver bracelet with green agate heart, necklaces, rings, brooch and others. (QTY)

Lot No:  42 (Coins)

A large quantity of pounds, shillings and pence English coins and bank notes.

Lot No:  43 (Furniture)

A small antique oak coffer of panelled construction. A/F H: 43 cm W: 74 cm D: 41 cm

Lot No:  44 (Oriental)

A large Chinese porcelain bowl, depicting two figures riding clouds above a river, with six character Chinese mark. Diameter: 30 cm

Lot No:  45 (Rugs)

Two, fine old, North-east Persian, saddle-bags, H: 127 cm W: 45 cm and H: 117 cm W: 50 cm. (2)

Lot No:  46 (Coins)

A collection of eighteen Persian coins. Twelve are pre-Islamic reproduction. Six are original 19th Century copper coins. A/F

Lot No:  47 (Ceramics)

Circa 1910 Royal Crown Derby Vase in Japanese Imari style with date, area and royal mark. H: 19.5 cm D: 10 cm R: 6 cm

Lot No:  48 (Oriental)

A Chinese porcelain Dou Cai tea bowl with green dragon and six Chinese character mark seal. H: 5 cm D: 10.5 cm

Lot No:  49 (Ceramics)

A collection of twelve pastille burners of buildings, some with marks from Naples. Condition: some restoration. Tallest item: H: 16 cm W: 12 cm D: 9 cm Smallest Item: H: 8 cm W: 7 cm D: 6 cm

Lot No:  50 (Rugs)

A fine, old, South-west Persian, Qashqui kelim rug, H: 263 cm W: 133 cm.

Lot No:  51 (Ceramics)

Nine ceramic pastille burners of architectural form. Condition: Some restoration. Tallest item: H: 13 cm W: 9 cm D: 4 cm Smallest Item: H: 9 cm W: 6.5 cm D: 6 cm And two Money boxes. Box one: H: 13 cm W: 11 cm D: 8 cm Box two: H: 9.5 cm W: 9.5 cm D: 6 cm

Lot No:  52 (Ceramics)

A collection of assorted ceramic pieces, including two 20th century teapots of a tank (H: 15 cm W: 22 cm D:11 cm) and a character from a nursery rhyme (H: 20 cm W: 22 cm D: 11.5 cm). A contemporary tall green vase (H: 44 cm D: 23 cm R: 4 cm) with matching plate (D: 34 cm) and a circa 19th century west Germany large jug (H: 31 cm D: 21 cm R: 13 cm).  read more 

Lot No:  53 (Oriental)

A Chinese ceramic bowl with mythical beasts and six Chinese mark seal. H: 7 cm D: 16.6 cm

Lot No:  54 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Two large landscape signed prints in a watercolour Impressionist style. Larger Print: H: 42 cm W: 56 cm Smaller Print: H: 33 cm W: 44 cm

Lot No:  55 (Coins)

A Persian five gold plated V Pahlavi coin of Shah of Iran on copper, uncirculated and in good order. D: 5 cm 44.3g

Lot No:  56 (Ceramics)

Two Dutch Delft blue and white pastille burners or Dutch style architecture, with stands. Marked and one with a crackle glaze. H: 14 cm W: 10 cm D: 8 cm

Lot No:  57 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

A collection of assorted gaming chips. A/F

Lot No:  58 (Ceramics)

Twelve pieces of assorted pottery, containing six dogs, one cat, two tortoise and three figures in bed. Condition: one dog with missing leg. Tallest item: H: 20 cm Smallest item H: 4 cm

Lot No:  59 (Rugs)

A Persian Bidjar carpet, ornately decorated. H: 122 cm W: 124 cm

Lot No:  60 (Oriental)

A Chinese famille rose yellow ground water pot with six Chinese Jiaqing character mark in iron red. H: 3 cm W: 17 cm D: 12 cm

Lot No:  61 (Rugs)

A central Persian Bakhtiar rug, H: 230 cm W: 150 cm.

Lot No:  62 (Ceramics)

A pair of 20th century, hand made, earthenware chargers depicting stylised faces. D: 42 cm Condition: crack to one plate.

Lot No:  63 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed, 19th century, Indian, oval-shaped, miniature-painting on ivory of the Taj Mahal with a gilt metal, rope-twist border edge. Oval panel: H: 805 cm W: 12 cm, Frame: H: 20 cm W: 23 cm.

Lot No:  64 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Thirteen rice paper pictures depicting figures engaging in different acts. A/F H: 10 cm W: 15 cm

Lot No:  65 (Glass)

An Italian, overlaid and hand-painted glass vase in shades of white, pale blue and gold with hand-painted floral decoration, (H: 21 cm, D: 12.5 cm) with two, silver plated Arts and Crafts plates with octagonal rims and repousse floral detail (D: 25.5 cm) (3)

Lot No:  66 (Works of Art)

Two carved mother of pearl shells depicting Christian religious scenes of the birth of Christ. Diameter: H: 14 cm W: 13.5 cm

Lot No:  67 (Oriental)

A Chinese Dou Cai Ming style porcelain tea bowl, decorated with boys playing, with six Chinese character mark. H: 5 cm D: 9 cm

Lot No:  68 (Oriental)

A pair of Chinese famille rose porcelain lidded Jars. H: 28 cm W: 11 cm R: 5 cm

Lot No:  69 (Oriental)

A Chinese early Qing Dynasty style blue and white porcelain vase, drilled. H: 26 cm W: 23 cm D: 23 cm

Lot No:  70 (Stamps)

An assortment of first day covers. A/F.

Lot No:  71 (Oriental)

Two Chinese gyroscope balls with floral bird design. D: 5.5 cm

Lot No:  72 (Furniture)

A small contemporary low back sofa, upholstered in pale grey fabric, raised on turned supports, H: 62 cm W: 136 cm D: 56 cm.

Lot No:  73 (Oriental)

Three Chinese soapstone seals. Two square seals with garden and rock scenes with Chinese character marks. Height: 4 cm Width: 4 cm Depth: 4 cm. One rectangle square base seal with four Chinese character mark and a mythical beast to the top. H: 11 cm W: 4 cm D: 4 cm

Lot No:  74 (Rugs)

A Persian Bakhtiyar carpet ornately decorated. H: 294 cm W: 160 cm

Lot No:  75 (Tribal)

A pair of African carved wood stools with figures and on three legs. H: 23 cm W: 57 cm D: 18 cm

Lot No:  76 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A pair of Indian lacquered bellows. Condition: Some wear. H: 56.5 cm W: 20.5 cm D: 4 cm

Lot No:  77 (Ceramics)

A 19th century, 'Ironstone China' serving set of 22 pieces to include ten, 8.5'' plates, two, 10'' plates, three, 10'' soup bowls, two, 8.5'' serving dishes, two, 10'' serving dishes, one large serving bowl with lid, one large dish and 1 small tureen with lid. (22)

Lot No:  78 (Ceramics)

A circa 19th century Turkish Iznik plate, hand painted in the traditional manner, D: 30.5 cm

Lot No:  79 (Oriental)

Two Chinese ceramic bowls. One Song dynasty style with two mythical beasts. The second is a Guan Song dynasty style green crackle glaze two layered bowl. H: 6 cm D: 18 cm

Lot No:  80 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A circa 19th century Persian Safavie period wooden ladle & heart shaped wooden object similar. Condition: Some damage. Diameter of ladle: H: 38 cm W: 6.5 cm D: 4 cm Diameter of Heart shaped object: H: 20.5 cm W: 5.5 cm D: 0.5 cm

Lot No:  81 (Glass)

An assortment of sixteen Italian glass items in an Avant-Garde style, two pieces marked Murano. Including eight vases, four bowls and three sweets. Tallest item height: 40 cm Smallest item height: 2 cm

Lot No:  82 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Artist: Signed to the bottom right corner. Signature un-distinguishable. Medium: Oil on Canvas with light glaze. Diameter: H: 36 cm W: 53 cm Description: An impressionist style scene of a country lane by a river. To the left is the river, flowers, woodland and a bridge connecting the two sides of the painting. To the right of the piece there is a village  read more 

Lot No:  83 (Oriental)

Four Chinese floral snuff bottles, ranging in styles from Qi to Ming dynasty and Dutch Delft. Three are made from porcelain and the forth is made from glass. Average height of snuff bottles: 7 cm

Lot No:  84 (Oriental)

A Chinese Jun ware Song dynasty style vase with powder purple glaze. H: 31 cm D: 19 cm R: 13 cm

Lot No:  85 (Ceramics)

Two pairs of Continental dessert plates, one set decorated with birds and in pink, the other in blue with flowers. Both with gold gilding. D: 22.5 cm

Lot No:  86 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Fine needlepoint of a young Queen Victoria. H: 76 cm W: 54 cm

Lot No:  87 (Asian Art & Middle Eastern)

A pair of 19th century Turkish Hammani wooden and mother of pearl shoes. Condition: Some damage to heel. H: 6.5 cm W: 24.5 cm D: 7 cm

Lot No:  88 (Toys, Dolls, Games)

A Harrods, cased and complete, poker set with playing cards, chips and dice in a suitcase-style box bearing a gilded 'H' and a rectangular, gilt metal plaque marked 'Harrods' to the top. H: 26 cm W: 39 cm D: 7 cm.

Lot No:  89 (Oriental)

A Chinese Tang dynasty style punch bowl with famille rose design and crackle glaze. On a three elephant wooden stand. D: 26 cm H: 16.5 cm. Condition: Chip to rim of bowl.

Lot No:  90 (Toys, Dolls, Games)

A Britains Delhi Durbar Collection 'The Maharajah of Bikanir's State Elephant' 40184; with original fitted box.

Lot No:  91 (Militaria)

A military Bellino Jerry can, H: 46.5 cm W: 35 cm D: 15 cm, together with a WWII medical box, and five vintage car number plates, some being American.

Lot No:  92 (Oriental)

A large Chinese Song Dynasty style ceramic brush pot with warriors. H: 17.5 cm D: 20 cm

Lot No:  93 (Lighting)

A large 20th century wrought iron candle stand, with pierced and spiral twisted stem and scrolling tripod base, 115cm high.

Lot No:  94 (Oriental)

A Chinese gold seal, six characters mark on square base and a seated dog in gilt metal. H: 12 cm W: 5.5 cm D: 6 cm

Lot No:  95 (Oriental)

A 19th century Japanese carved ivory okimono of a Samurai feeding birds, signed in cartouche to base, H: 21.5 cm W: 7 x 6 cm.

Lot No:  96 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

G Rochegrosse (French 1859-1938) 'Don Quichotte' heroic comedy poster, colour lithograph (glass cracked), H: 88 cm W: 66 cm, in a gilt frame.

Lot No:  97 (Furniture)

A 19th century mahogany and boxwood strung work table, of octagonal form, the lid opening to reveal several compartments, on a central turned column above scrolling legs, H: 76 cm W: 51.5 cm D: 38 cm

Lot No:  98 (Toys, Dolls, Games)

A Britains Delhi Durbar Collection 'State Elephant of the Nizam of Hyderabad' 40186; with original fitted box.

Lot No:  99 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Sandra Pepys (South African / British b1942) oil on board 'Market Place, Sperlonga', signed, sight size H: 70.5 cm W: 91 cm, handwritten label verso 'Hampstead Art Cellar Sandra Pepys Exhibition March 19th - April 14th 1962'.G Rochegrosse (French 1859-1938), colour lithograph poster 'Penelope', sight size H: 80 cm W: 59 cm, in a gilt frame, with Richard  read more 

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