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Interiors, Antiques and Collectables.

Sunday, 11th November

Lot No:  199 (Glass)

A Lalique glass flower (chip to one petal), L: 9 x W:10cm

Lot No:  200 (Furniture)

A French carved walnut stool, with foliate upholstery, 42 x 65 x 65cm.

Lot No:  201 (Furniture)

A small sofa upholstered in grey linen, with a buttoned back, raised on turned supports, 76 x 135 x 55cm.

Lot No:  202 (Asian)

A Chinese porcelain dish, painted in the famille rose palette with figures and script, 4 x 21 x 21cm.

Lot No:  203 (Asian)

A pair of Chinese octagonal section porcelain vases, with a dark blue glaze, bearing six character mark to the base, 28 x 12 x 12cm.

Lot No:  204 (Furniture)

A pair of contemporary circular mirrored and gilt metal occasional tables, 60 x 38 x 38cm.

Lot No:  205 (Ceramics)

Quantity of various ceramics including: Jug, Vase and plates

Lot No:  206 (Furniture)

A contemporary three tier gilt metal table with glass inserts, 51 x 45 x 45cm.

Lot No:  207 (Asian)

Two Chinese porcelain ink pots, one blue and white with landscape detail, bearing four character mark to the base, 4 x 9 x 9cm, the other painted with red flowers, 3 x 7 x 7cm.

Lot No:  208 (Furniture)

A contemporary console table with a bronzed top, 70 x 99 x 25cm.

Lot No:  209 (General)

A pair of circular bronze trays with handles, 26 x 49 x 49cm.

Lot No:  210 (Furniture)

A nest of contemporary Habitat low tables, with coloured metal tops on honey oak supports, bearing label, the largest 40 x 50 x 42cm.

Lot No:  211 (Watches)

Two silver open faced pocket watches, one Victorian, Lancashire Watch Co, Chester 1894 and the other an alarm watch, imported by George Stockwell, London 1931.

Lot No:  212 (General)

A pair of Louis Roederer style plated wine coolers, 25cm high.

Lot No:  213 (Asian)

A Chinese porcelain pillow, polychrome decorated, with pictorial reserves depicting landscapes and flowers, on a turquoise ground, bearing Kang Xi mark, 11.5 x 35 x 15cm.

Lot No:  214 (Sculpture)

A brightly coloured sculpture of a bulldog, 27 x 38cm.

Lot No:  215 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A Mid 20th Century Persian oil on canvas in the Qajar style, framed. Condition: some water damage. H: 108 cm W: 72 cm

Lot No:  216 (Lighting)

An Edwardian style gilt metal hanging light, with three frosted glass shades, 26 x 45 x 45cm.

Lot No:  217 (Silver)

Four sterling silver cup holders, including a pair, and two containing Aynsley cups, together with a Continental silver plated tea strainer on stand, probably Dutch or German.

Lot No:  218 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Oil on board depicting a young lady label stating " CH. 'DESTE" H: 23 cm x W: 18 cm

Lot No:  219 (Mirrors)

A contemporary circular mirror with a silvered frame, 90cm in diameter.

Lot No:  220 (Asian)

A Fine Indian Hand Painted Panel on Linen. Showing a large celebration. 88 cm x 132 cm

Lot No:  221 (Asian)

Three Chinese blue and white porcelain vases, decorated with prunis designs, two with lids, bearing Kang Xi marks to the base (one cracked), the tallest 23cm high.

Lot No:  222 (Furniture)

A long stool, upholstered in grey linen, raised on reeded supports, 50 x 155 x 40cm.

Lot No:  223 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A set of four framed prints, depicting English hunting scenes, 19th Century. H: 24 cm W: 32 cm

Lot No:  224 (Watches)

Five base metal open faced pocket watches, Simplon, Smiths Empire, Aviation and others.

Lot No:  225 (Ceramics)

A collection of Toby jugs (qty)

Lot No:  226 (Asian)

A Chinese blue and white porcelain vase, decorated with a prunis pattern, cylindrical with a flared rim, bearing Kang Xi mark to the base, 20.5 x 9 x 9cm.

Lot No:  227 (Lighting)

A gilt resin table lamp in the form of a rabbit hiding in a black lampshade, 80 x 32 x 32cm.

Lot No:  228 (Furniture)

A French style armchair, with carved silvered frame, purple upholstery and faux reptile skin cushions, 92 x 70 x 82cm.

Lot No:  229 (Lighting)

A pair of contemporary neon pineapple wall lights, 29cm high.

Lot No:  230 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Helen Lack, contemporary artist, abstract acrylic on canvas, 'Hot Lava', signed, more details at, 100 x 100cm.

Lot No:  231 (Watches)

Five base metal open faced pocket watches, including a Westclox Pocket Ben, a Shock Proof Lever decorated with aeroplanes, a Federal, and a Nouvela.

Lot No:  232 (Mirrors)

A contemporary circular mirror with a silvered frame, 90cm in diameter.

Lot No:  233 (Ceramics)

A set of four late Victorian cups and saucers, each with different coloured borders, the saucers hand painted with armorial crests 'Semper Vigilans'.

Lot No:  234 (Mirrors)

A pair of Gothic style garden mirrors with painted and distressed frames, 158 x 66cm.

Lot No:  235 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Two prints depicting still life of various fruits - L: 30 cm x W: 37 cm

Lot No:  236 (Asian)

A collection of Chinese blue and white porcelain, including a bowl, a dish and others.

Lot No:  237 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Sri-Lanka drummer man depicted on plaque made from limestone and sandstone H: 21 cm x L: 16 cm

Lot No:  238 (Asian)

A pair of Chinese porcelain rice bowls with a purple glaze, bearing Qian Long mark to the base, 6 x 14.5 x 14.5cm.

Lot No:  239 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Helen Lack, contemporary artist, abstract acrylic on canvas, 'Seascape 2', signed, more details at, 100 x 120cm.

Lot No:  240 (Furniture)

An Art Deco style drinks trolley, having a circular gilt metal frame and glass shelves, 93 x 93 x 38cm.

Lot No:  241 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A late 20th century oil on canvas in the early 19th century manner depicting Napoleon addressing his troops, monogrammed E T R, and signed Mendoc lower right, sight size 60 x 90cm, in an ornate gilt frame.

Lot No:  242 (Asian)

A Chinese soapstone seal, carved with a kylin, 11 x 2.5 x 2.5cm.

Lot No:  243 (Rugs)

A fine Antique Persian Sarouk carpet, all over design of sylised floral motifs on a scarlet field, 398 x 318cm.

Lot No:  244 (Watches)

A collection of various vintage wristwatches, including examples by Ingersoll, Bentima, Aviation and others.

Lot No:  245 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

After Guillaume-Franc?ois Colson, late 20th century oil on board 'Entry of Bonaparte into Alexandria', the original painted in 1800, depicting Napoleon entering Alexandria on 3 July 1798, signed E T R and monogrammed Rossas lower right (some paint loss), sight size 60 x 120cm, in an ornate gilt frame.

Lot No:  246 (Watches)

A Swiss Doxa 8 day Goliath pocket watch, 15 jewel lever movement, with a Refmeter Best Centre Seconds Chronograph

Lot No:  247 (Watches)

A collection of vintage wristwatches with black or dark blue dials, including International Watch Company, Ingersoll, CWC, Vertex, MWC, Hamilton, Lotus, and others.

Lot No:  248 (Furniture)

A vintage 1940's grey painted and distressed tall chest of eight drawers, 138 x 52 x 42cm.

Lot No:  249 (Asian)

A Chinese soapstone seal, carved with a kylin, 10 x 3 x 3cm.

Lot No:  250 (Watches)

A collection of vintage wristwatches, including examples by International Watch Company, Tudor Oyster, Timex, Record, and others.

Lot No:  251 (Clocks)

A late 19th century French slate marble mantle clock, surmounted by a spelter figural group, the enamelled dial Arabic Numerals, 7cm diameter, the clock comes with key and pendulum (a/f), 59 x 31 x 22cm, the clock was exported to Russia from France, then removed from Russia by the current owner's descendants just pre-revolution.

Lot No:  252 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A contemporary oil on canvas depicting tulips, artist Niki (Iranian), monogrammed lower right, 100 x 100cm.

Lot No:  253 (Watches)

A collection of vintage wristwatches, including Ingersoll, Lanco, West End Watch Co, Omnia, Hillman, Dogma and others.

Lot No:  254 (Silver)

An Art Deco Sterling Silver Teapot and Coffee Pot. Viners, Sheffield 1937. With Ivory handles and finials. 1319 grams (all in)

Lot No:  255 (Watches)

A collection of vintage tank wristwatches, by Medana, Dogma, Newmark and others.

Lot No:  256 (Asian)

A Chinese jade coloured bangle, 8.5cm in diameter.

Lot No:  257 (Silver)

A William IV Sterling Silver Tea Pot London 1831. Of compressed circular form. 679 grams.

Lot No:  258 (Watches)

A collection of vintage wristwatches, including Avia, Smiths, Timex, Agon, Tavannes Watch Co, Boulevard, West End Watch Co, and others.

Lot No:  259 (Silver)

A Victorian Silver plated fish set, By Mappin Brothers. In walnut case.

Lot No:  260 (Silver)

Late 18th century Silver and cut glass.Dutch preserve jar. Circa 1790. With damaged associated hinged top.15 cm high.

Lot No:  261 (Silver)

A Quantity of miscellaneous Sterling Silver. Including Silver sugar bowl, jug, salt, inkwell and bowl. Various dates and makers. 374 grams of weighable silver. (5)

Lot No:  262 (Asian)

18th century Chinese tea pot ( no lid ) and a tea bowl. Possibly circa 1760. (2)

Lot No:  263 (Silver)

Pair of silver candlesticks, London 1911. 34 cm high. 791 grams.

Lot No:  264 (Silver)

A Walker and Hall silver plated cruet set.

Lot No:  265 (General)

A coromandel humidor, with two bevelled glass doors containing two short over two long drawers, with Bramah lock, 36 x 37 x 27.5cm.

Lot No:  266 (Glass)

A pair of 19th century hand blown glass scent bottles, hand painted with flowers, bearing signature to the base, 9 x 5 x 5cm.

Lot No:  267 (General)

A collection of Otto Schmidt West German biscuit tins, two of casket form, 16 x 41.5 x 29.5cm, five smaller.

Lot No:  268 (Ceramics)

An 18th Century Wedgwood black Jasper Ware teapot, in the form of a Classical oil lamp, 22 x 21 x 10cm, together with a Wedgwood black Jasper Ware rodent, 16 x 25 x 14cm (both a/f).

Lot No:  269 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A set of four fox hunting prints after J F Herring, sight size 67 x 84cm, together with a steeplechase print.

Lot No:  270 (General)

A George III satinwood etui and contents, 13 x 19 x 14cm, together with a William IV rosewood writing box, 12 x 28 x 20cm. (both a/f).

Lot No:  271 (Mirrors)

A George III mahogany framed fretwork mirror, 79.5 x 43.5cm.


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