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Sunday, 9th December

Lot No:  300 (General)

A Bohemian Glass vase late 19th century decorated with panels of enamel painted with sprigs of flowers. Foliate gilt ground H: 35 cm damage to the stem where it meets the foot.

Lot No:  301 (General)

A Bohemian Ruby flash glass vase late 19th century with gilt decoration damage to the bottom of the vase where it meets the base. H: 33 cm

Lot No:  302 ()

A Pair of Black Glass Vases Circa 1860. each decorated with enamel portraits and gilt decoration. One broken at the stem both with chips to base. H: 27 cm

Lot No:  303 (General)

From the Holzapfel collection a fine Satsuma Vase and Cover. Meiji period (1867 - 1912). Of slender baluster form decorated with figures. Flat detachable cover. Small old chip to rim on a hardwood stand (Damaged) H: 21.5 cm (Vase) (3) The base bears a collection label. Provenance. Property of a gentleman. In his possession for sixty years.

Lot No:  304 ()

A Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Plate. Kangxi Period Circa 1720. Decorated with precious things Prunus and Chrysanthemum. Chips to rim Diameter 22.5 cm

Lot No:  305 ()

A Black Forest Framed Porcelain of a Crucifix. 65 cm x 42 cm

Lot No:  306 (Rugs)

A large and fine Persian Turkoman carpet, with repeating design on a red field, 390 x 290cm.

Lot No:  307 (Rugs)

A Persian Turkoman carpet with red field and repeating motifs, 306 x 210cm.

Lot No:  308 (Rugs)

A Turkoman rug with red field, 303 x 247cm.

Lot No:  309 (Furniture)

A late 19th century walnut table with tooled green leather top, and a single frieze drawer, with carved shell design, raised on cabriole supports, 75 x 67 x 42.5cm.

Lot No:  310 (General)

A Glass Top Bedside with claw feet. 53 cm x 73 cm x 68 cm.

Lot No:  311 (General)

A Glass Top Bedside Table with claw feet. 53 cm x 73 cm x 68 cm.

Lot No:  312 (Furniture)

A Glass Top Coffee Table with claw feet 42 cm x 142 cm x 91 cm

Lot No:  313 (General)

A Yew Wood Sofa Table with drop leaf sides and two draws 74 cm x 49 cm x 55 cm and a Side Table 59 cm x 66 cm x 51 cm.

Lot No:  314 (Furniture)

A Glass top Coffee Table with claw feet 42 cm x 142 cm x 91 cm.

Lot No:  315 (Asian)

A pair of Chinese bronze dogs of fo, 14 x 16 x 8cm.

Lot No:  316 (General)

A pair of Brazilian inlaid mahogany trays, each decorated with an exotic landscape made with butterfly wings, 48 x 29cm.

Lot No:  317 (Objects of Vertu)

A black forest inkwell in the form of a fox. Early 20th century. 9.5 mm high. 9 cm long.

Lot No:  318 (General)

A large easel back copper and enamel picture frame. With embossed decoration.32 cm high. 23.5 cm wide.

Lot No:  319 (Silver)

A pair of 19th century French silver plated four light candelabra. 44 cm high.

Lot No:  320 (Oriental)

A Chinese porcelain jardiniere in the famille rose palette, hand painted with phoenixes and dragons 24 x 26 x 26cm.

Lot No:  321 ()

A set of four circular storm lanterns with domed tops. 50cm x 21cm.

Lot No:  322 ()

A pair of industrial style bathroom racks with Mirrors. 174cm x 51cm

Lot No:  323 ()

A set of three garden mirrors with rounded top. 95cm x 55cm.

Lot No:  324 ()

A small industrial style sideboard, having seven draws to front. 73cm x 68cm x 33cm.

Lot No:  325 ()

A large a-shaped bird house, with feather board roof. 74cm x 76cm x 38cm.

Lot No:  326 ()

A mosaic sculpture of a French Poodle. 57cm x 60cm x 21cm.

Lot No:  327 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A large Framed Ace of Spades, decoupage, 140 cm x 94 cm.

Lot No:  328 (Sculpture)

A set of three painted and distressed metal figures of cranes, 117cm x 17cm x 31cm.

Lot No:  329 ()

A Single large gilt lantern on stand, 117 cm x 32 cm.

Lot No:  330 (Furniture)

An industrial style sideboard, having ten draws to front. 87cm x 120cm x 33cm.

Lot No:  331 ()

A pair of gilt storm lanterns. 63 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm.

Lot No:  332 (Mirrors)

A pair of rectangular, copper-framed mirrors, 75 cm x 90 cm.

Lot No:  333 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A large King of Hearts decoupage,140 cm x 94 cm.

Lot No:  334 ()

A large cone shaped bird house, with feather board roof. 81cm x 48cm x 30cm.

Lot No:  335 (Furniture)

A pair of gilt side table with round mirrored tops, 75cm x 36cm.

Lot No:  336 (Sculpture)

A nickel plated shark wall sculpture. 37 cm x 103 cm x 28 cm.

Lot No:  337 (Furniture)

An industrial style Bijouterie display table, with glass top. 60 cm x 125 cm x 57 cm.

Lot No:  338 (Silver)

A Two bottle silver plated wine cooler,. marked " Chateau Cos d Estournel". 25 cm x 36 cm x 14 cm.

Lot No:  339 (Silver)

A pair of silver plated wine coolers on stands. 74 cm x 20 cm

Lot No:  340 (Lighting)

A set of six industrial style storm lanterns. 33 cm x 13 cm.

Lot No:  341 (Sculpture)

A Large painted-plaster skull on a rectangular plinth stand 86 cm x 46 cm.

Lot No:  342 (Silver)

A Four bottle silver plated wine cooler,. marked " Chateau Cos d Estournel". 22 cm x 31 cm x 31 cm

Lot No:  343 (Furniture)

A pair of teak bedside chests by Raft, with label verso, 66 cm x 45 cm x 39.5 cm.

Lot No:  344 (Sculpture)

Three reconstituted marble religious figures, including Jesus (fingers a/f) and Mary. In sizes 28 cm to 36 cm.

Lot No:  345 (Bronze)

A bronzed resin reclining female nude (A/F), 17 x 52 x 28cm.

Lot No:  346 (Mirrors)

A contemporary oval mirror with a silvered frame decorated with vines, 93 x 64cm.

Lot No:  347 (Furniture)

A pair of Jardiniere Stand, with ornate decoration. 92cm x 36cm.

Lot No:  348 (Furniture)

An industrial trolley on wheels, with two glass shelf's . 87cm x 61cm x 41cm.

Lot No:  349 (Furniture)

Contemporary ash coffee table, with glass top and shelf. 42cm x 150cm x 90cm.

Lot No:  350 ()

A marble statue of Jesus, numbered with indistinguishable signature. 84cm x 19cm x 18cm.

Lot No:  351 (Furniture)

A set of six chairs. Each with over stuffed seats upholstered in red fabric and bared back. 86cm x 47cm x 44cm.

Lot No:  352 (Furniture)

Chrome coffee table with smokey glass top and shelf. 42cm x 130cm x 59cm.

Lot No:  353 (Jewellery)

Black and Silver Metal Retro sit on Aeroplane.

Lot No:  354 (Toys, Dolls, Games)

Red Metal Retro classic pedal car.

Lot No:  355 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A 19th century Chinese export oil on canvas moonlit landscape, depicting boats on a body of water with buildings and trees to the distance (one patch to the verso), sight size 34 cm x 40.5 cm, in an Aesthetic movement gilt frame.

Lot No:  356 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Manner of John Constable (1776-1837) oil on board landscape, depicting a cloaked figure in red beside a stream, 14 cm x 21.5 cm, in a gilt frame.

Lot No:  357 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

George Wright Hall (Scottish, 18951974), watercolour, Edinburgh Castle, signed lower right, sight size 50 cm x 35.5 cm, in an ebonised and parcel gilt frame.

Lot No:  358 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Manner of Peter De Wint (21 January 1784 30 January 1849) watercolour landscape, bathers in a river, sight size 23.5 cm x 36 cm, in a gilt frame.

Lot No:  359 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A late Victorian watercolour landscape depicting a lady cycling a tricycle through a pastoral scene with a church to the distance, monogrammed lower left, sight size 23 cm x 33.5 cm, together with a pen line study depicting a bicycle in a city scene, signed indistinctly, sight size 20.5 cm x 15.5 cm.

Lot No:  360 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Henri Manguin (French 1874-1949) watercolour and ink 'Vue De Castellane', signed lower right, sight size 13.5 cm x 22 cm, bearing labels verso.

Lot No:  361 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A Persian ink study on gold coloured paper, signed and dated 'Amer 1977' lower left, sight size 14 cm x 21.5 cm, in a gilt frame.

Lot No:  362 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Shelia Flynn (b1929) watercolour botanical study, depicting a butterfly and a bee attending flowers, signed lower right, sight size 29 cm x 39 cm.

Lot No:  363 (Rugs)

A Kazak carpet with a red field, 240 cm x 170 cm.

Lot No:  364 (Rugs)

A fine Persian Baktiar rug, with allover tile pattern, 200 cm x 145 cm.

Lot No:  365 (Furniture)

A 1970's Teak Meredew chest of two short over four long drawers, with original label, 106 cm x 86 cm x 42 cm.

Lot No:  366 (Furniture)

A 1960's teak G Plan sideboard, with drawers flanked by four cupboard doors, with label to one drawer, 80 cm x 213 cm x 46 cm.

Lot No:  367 (Rugs)

A large Turkish Kazak carpet, 345 cm x 255 cm.

Lot No:  368 (Furniture)

Astair Square Coffee Table in Sable. 45 cm x 100 cm x 80 cm.

Lot No:  369 ()

A pair of Black & Key Arc bedside table - half moon with allure handles. 60 cm x 52 cm x 48 cm.

Lot No:  370 (Furniture)

Black & Key Garbo console table. 75 cm x 180 cm x 40 cm

Lot No:  371 (Furniture)

A pair of Black & Key Hawthorne Benches. 45 cm x 31.6 cm x 55 cm.

Lot No:  372 (Furniture)

Black & Key Art Deco console table. 86 cm x 87 cm x 40 cm.

Lot No:  373 (Furniture)

Black & Key Savoy headboard & bed-frame. 11.5 cm x x 188 cm

Lot No:  374 (Furniture)

Black & Key Strand chest of drawers in Sable with polished nickel handles. 77 cm x 150 cm x 60 cm.

Lot No:  375 (Furniture)

A pair of Black & Key ottoman stools in black leather. 40 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm.

Lot No:  376 (General)

Two Georgian Tea Caddies. In Mahogany and Rosewood. Each with two compartments and associated mixing bowl. Both circa 1830. Some damage.

Lot No:  377 (Glass)

A Collection of Vintage Thomas Webb, "Normandy" Glasses.

Lot No:  378 (Oriental)

A Antique Turk man Bukhara Torbu.

Lot No:  379 (Rugs)

A Indian Agra Moghul design Kilim.

Lot No:  380 (General)

A Louis Vuitton Large Handbag with dust cover and Provenance.

Lot No:  381 (Fashion & Textiles)

A Louis Vuitton small handbag with dust cover and provenance.

Lot No:  382 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

A Small Collection of Masonic Jewels. Comprising. An Early Lodge jewel. A Silver gilt Chapter Jewel. A Silver Mark Mason Jewel. A Royal Arch Mariners Jewel. A 1926 Steward Royal Masonic Institute for girls. A 1914-1918 Commemorative Silver jewel lodge of Joppa and a 1945 military defense medal. With boxes.

Lot No:  383 (Mirrors)

Large Edwardian Over Mantel Mirror. 215 cm x 122 cm.

Lot No:  384 (Furniture)

An Upholstered Club Armchair, light grey fabric, 86cm high, 87cm wide, 87cm deep.

Lot No:  385 (Furniture)

A Pair of Tolix Chairs, white painted metal, TOLIX stamp to the back, 85cm high, 38cm wide (2).

Lot No:  386 (General)

A Chrome and Leatherette "Soda Fountain" Swivel Bar Stool, in the 1950s Style, 78 cm high, 32 cm diameter.

Lot No:  387 (Mirrors)

A Decorative Mexican Wall Mirror, with beaten metal and enamel surrounds, 90 cm x 68 cm.

Lot No:  388 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Two Oil on Canvas. Continental School. Possibly Greek. Bought at Sotheby's Greek sale, 2004 with auction catalogue Sold as Lot 151. Entitled "The Market, The Wedding. One 51.5 cm x 41 cm. The second 57 cm x 41 cm. (2)

Lot No:  389 (Asian)

Two Japanese wood block prints. Each depicting landscapes. Both signed. 33 cm x 21.5 cm and 22 cm x 34.5 cm.

Lot No:  390 (Furniture)

A Red Painted Panel Side Chest. 72.5 cm x 38.5 cm x 36 cm

Lot No:  391 (Furniture)

A Modern French Fauteuil.

Lot No:  392 ()

A Pine Chest of two short and three long drawers. Painted in cream. 96 cm x 91.5 cm x 43.5 cm.

Lot No:  393 (Furniture)

A Modern Teak Coffee Table with two drawers. 42 cm x 120 cm x 65 cm.

Lot No:  394 (General)

A Pair Of Modern Gold Framed Mirrors. 81 cm x 120 cm

Lot No:  395 (Furniture)

A Pair of Gilt Bedside Tables. 72 cm x 41 cm x 35 cm

Lot No:  396 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A Modern Print of a Whale. 43.5 cm x 120 cm

Lot No:  397 ()

A Modern Painting on Glass of a B25 American Airforce Mitchell Bomber. 60 cm x 122 cm .

Lot No:  398 (Furniture)

A Modern Gilt metal Console Table. 79 cm x 152 cm x 26cm.

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