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In Chiswick, W4

Interiors, Antiques and Collectables

Sunday, 14th April

Lot No:  1 (Jewellery)

A Yellow Gold Mesh Bracelet

Lot No:  2 (Jewellery)

An 18 carat white gold and diamond bracelet.

Lot No:  3 (Jewellery)

A Pair of 18 carat white gold earrings with diamonds.

Lot No:  4 ()

Two Oil On Copper Paintings Of Artists & Two Oil On Copper Paintings of Henry VIII And His Son.

Lot No:  5 (Sculpture)

A Large Abstract Sculpture Of A Female Form Reaching To The Sky

Lot No:  6 (Silver)

A Mahogany And Silver Bottle Case. ( some damage to hinges )

Lot No:  7 (Silver)

Two Silver Plated And Glass Butter Dishes.

Lot No:  8 (Asian)

A Douci Tea Cup With Mark To base.4 x 8 x 8 cm.

Lot No:  9 (Jewellery)

An 18 carat moving Bi-colour diamond ring.

Lot No:  10 (Silver)

Oyster Fork And knife. (One knife missing)

Lot No:  11 (General)

A Quantity Of Tortoiseshell In A Inlaid Box.

Lot No:  12 (Asian)

A Chinese 19th Century Blue And White Ginger Jar. 21 x 19 x 19 cm.

Lot No:  13 (Asian)

A Chinese Vase With A Mark To Base. 24 x 14 x 14 cm.

Lot No:  14 (Asian)

A Chinese Famile Rose Vase With Mark To Base.

Lot No:  15 (Asian)

A Ming Style Blue And White Ladle. 33 x 10 x 8 cm.

Lot No:  16 (Asian)

A Chinese Blue And White Vase With Mark To Base. H:44 cm.

Lot No:  17 (Asian)

A Chinese Laquered Box. 8 x 30 x 19 cm.

Lot No:  18 (Furniture)

An Edwardian Half Moon Table. Converted from a card table. 75 x 120 x 60.

Lot No:  19 (Silver)

Four Silver Plated Candle Holders.

Lot No:  20 (Asian)

Tibetan Bronze Bhudda. 23 x 18 x9 cm.

Lot No:  21 (Mirrors)

A Gilt Frame Mirror. 118 x 91 cm.

Lot No:  22 ()

A Chinese Bronze Incense Burner. 8 x 26 x 9 cm.

Lot No:  23 (Asian)

Two Chinese White Metal Dishes. The larger one is 10 cm wide, the smaller one 8 cm.

Lot No:  24 (Jewellery)

Cultured pearls with diamond clasp.

Lot No:  25 (Jewellery)

A white gold and diamond cross over ring.

Lot No:  26 (Asian)

A Bronze Netsuke Of Pigs.

Lot No:  27 (Rugs)

A Large Persian Triple Medallion Carpet. (Some signs of wear) 300 x 250.

Lot No:  28 (Asian)

A Chinese Soapstone Seal. H:9.5 cm.

Lot No:  29 (Asian)

A Chinese White Metal Incense Burner. 16 x 15 x 11 cm.

Lot No:  30 (Furniture)

A Vintage Dresser With Mirror. On Original Casters. 144 x 77 x 45.

Lot No:  31 (Furniture)

A Late 19 Century Mahogany Pedestal Desk With Leather Writing Top (some damage to leather) 74 x 118 x 67 cm.

Lot No:  32 (Asian)

A Chinese Horn Libation Cup. 10 x 17 x 12 cm.

Lot No:  33 (Asian)

A Chinese Jade Bangle.

Lot No:  34 (Asian)

A Chinese Jizhon Vase. 30 x 25 x 19.

Lot No:  35 (Asian)

A Famile Rose Chinese Bowl With Mark To Base 8.5 cm x 20.5 cm.

Lot No:  36 (Objects of Vertu)

A Large Polished Brass Russian Samovar, With what appear to be pre 1917 markings.

Lot No:  37 (Jewellery)

A White Gold wedding band with diamonds Size: I and a half. 8.95 grams.

Lot No:  38 (Silver)

Silver Plated Coffee Pot And Sugar Bowls.

Lot No:  39 (Clocks)

A Mid 20th Century Time Piece With Brass Inlay. 23 x 15 x 11.5 cm.

Lot No:  40 (Silver)

A Quantity Of Silver Plate. Consisting trays, jug, salt decanters, Martini shaker plus more.

Lot No:  41 (General)

A Brass Tray Plus Pill Box. William John 1980.

Lot No:  42 (Silver)

A Silver Necked Wine Decanter 33 x 14 x 14 cm Sheffield 2007 And Napkin Ring Edinburgh 2002.

Lot No:  43 (General)

Four Brass Candle Holders.

Lot No:  44 (Silver)

Three Silver Plated Trays.

Lot No:  45 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A Large Charcoal Portrait Of An Oriental Man In Traditional Workers Garb By Janet Kennedy

Lot No:  46 (Sculpture)

A Statue Of A body, Sitting On Top Of A Bulls Head. H:29 cm.

Lot No:  47 (General)

A Large Gun Safe By Bratton Sound Engineering. 152 x 41 x 35

Lot No:  48 (General)

A Small Gun Safe By Bratton Sound. 132 x 22 x 20 cm.

Lot No:  49 (General)

A Ship In A Bottle. L:30 cm.

Lot No:  50 (Lighting)

Two Vintage Brass lamps.

Lot No:  51 (Silver)

A Silver Plated Condiment Set.

Lot No:  52 (Lighting)

Two gilt Lamps (no Shades)

Lot No:  53 (Ceramics)

Various Royal Doulton Figures Of Ladies. Twelve different sizes.

Lot No:  54 (Rugs)

A Persian Style Rug With Five Medallions 200 x 300 cm.

Lot No:  55 (General)

Two Desk Ornaments.

Lot No:  56 (Ceramics)

"Bells" Posh Lady Sitting On A Chair. H:29 cm.

Lot No:  57 (General)

A Sparklets Soda Bottle.

Lot No:  58 (Silver)

An Ice Bucket With Stag Handles And Quantity Of Pewter And Silver Plate.

Lot No:  59 (Ceramics)

A Lady With Her Cat. (Coppenhagen)

Lot No:  60 (General)

A Rice Steamer.

Lot No:  61 (Jewellery)

A 9 Carat Amethyst cross pendant with chain 2.1 grams

Lot No:  62 (Jewellery)

Two vintage 9 carat gold and pearl floral brooches Total: 6.9 grams

Lot No:  63 (Jewellery)

An Antique 9 carat gold late Georgian early Victorian Ruby and Diamond ring Size: P 3.8 grams.

Lot No:  64 (Jewellery)

A Vintage 9 carat gold ring set with four oval cut Madeira citrine. Size: N - 1.88 grams.

Lot No:  65 (Rugs)

A Fine North East Persian Moud Carpet 313 cm x 208 cm.

Lot No:  66 (Jewellery)

A Vintage 18 carat Gold ring with Diamond finials Size: P and a half 2.4 grams

Lot No:  67 (Jewellery)

A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond stud earrings plus 9 carat gold vintage Garnet drop earrings. combined: 2.56 grams.

Lot No:  68 (Jewellery)

A pair AAA+ 10-12 mm cultural South Sea pink Baroque two drop pearl earrings 14 carat plus pair AAA 7-8 mm cultural Akoya three drop white pearl earrings 14 carat.

Lot No:  69 (Jewellery)

A 9 carat white gold heart shape Ruby and Diamond ring Size; O and a half 2.27 grams

Lot No:  70 (Jewellery)

A vintage 18 carat yellow and white gold ring set with Sapphire and Diamonds. Size: N 3.84 grams.

Lot No:  71 (Rugs)

A Fine North West Persian Sarovic Rug. 205 cm x 130 cm.

Lot No:  72 (Jewellery)

A 9 carat Tubular and Diamond pendant and chain 4.2 grams. A 9 Carat gold Ruby pendant and chain 2.8 grams. plus 9 carat gold Love, Faith, Hope and Charity pendant necklace 3.3 grams.

Lot No:  73 (Jewellery)

A stunning AAA++ 8-9 mm cultural Akoya white pearl 18" necklace with 14 carat clasp. L: 45 cm

Lot No:  74 (Rugs)

A Fine Central Persian Part Silk Nair Rug 190 x 122 cm.

Lot No:  75 (Jewellery)

Classic AAA++ 10-12 cultural Akoya white pearl drop earrings. 14 carat.

Lot No:  76 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

A Collection Of 1938 Cricket Signatures Of The Australian And English National Teams

Lot No:  77 (Jewellery)

A Vintage 9 carat gold colourful Lapis Lazuli with gold spacers expandable bracelet. 25.17 grams

Lot No:  78 (Jewellery)

A 9 carat gold diamond Tree of Life pendant and chain. 2.5 grams plus 9 carat gold and Diamond Tree of life ring set. Size: T 3.4 grams.

Lot No:  79 (Jewellery)

A Vintage 9 carat gold Onyx Size: P 3.42 grams plus Vintage 9 carat gold Cornelian ring Size: N 3.5 grams.

Lot No:  80 (Jewellery)

A vintage 9 carat gold bangle with Zircon finials 2.5 grams plus Art Deco design 9 carat engraved bangle (with Bronze claw. 1.7 grams.

Lot No:  81 (Rugs)

A Fine Central Persian Kirman Carpet. 395 x 293 cm.

Lot No:  82 (Jewellery)

A Vintage 9 carat gold floral Arabesque ring set with small brilliant cut diamonds. Size P and a half 3.78 grams

Lot No:  83 (Jewellery)

A vintage 9 carat gold ring with a stunning Black Sapphire with a halo of white stones. Size: R and a half 4.3 grams.

Lot No:  84 (Rugs)

A Fine North East Persian Turkoman Rug 200 x 130 cm.

Lot No:  85 (Collectables, Sporting, Coins)

A Pair Of Concorde Scale Display Models

Lot No:  86 (Jewellery)

A Butler & Wilson baroque pear necklace and earring set. a Butler & Wilson pink diamante skull ring. A Vintage Butler & Wilson signed black diamante pendant necklace. A Vintage Butler & Wilson opera length genuine pearl necklace and earring set. Two further vintage Butler & Wilson faux pearl necklace.

Lot No:  87 (Jewellery)

An 18 carat set diamond studded jewellery consisting of : Bangle, Pendant, Earrings.

Lot No:  88 (Jewellery)

A Vintage 9 carat gold ring set with three Emerald cut purple sapphires flanked by three round sapphires on each shoulder Size: N and a half 3.6 grams.

Lot No:  89 (Jewellery)

A Vintage 9 carat gold three stone Garnet and seed pearl ring. 5.71 grams Size: P plus Vintage multi stone Garnet ring 2.8 grams Size Q

Lot No:  90 (Jewellery)

An 18 carat Emerald earrings with diamonds.

Lot No:  91 (Jewellery)

Natural 18"AA 11-14 mm South Sea baroque white pearl necklace 14 carat clasp plus pair large AAA 16 x 16 mm perfect round Tahitian shell pearl earrings 14 carat.

Lot No:  92 (Rugs)

A Fine North West Persian Nahawand Rug 225 x 140 cm.

Lot No:  93 (Jewellery)

A Vintage 10 carat gold ring set with Cubist nine stone Citrine and Topaz with diamond shoulders. Size: O 3.05 grams.

Lot No:  94 (Jewellery)

An 18 carat Ruby earrings with diamond.

Lot No:  95 (Jewellery)

A Vintage 14 carat gold ring set with beautiful Marquise cut green Jade Size: P and a half 3.9 grams.

Lot No:  96 (Jewellery)

An 18 Carat Diamond Cluster Earrings.

Lot No:  97 (Rugs)

A Fine Central Persian Kashan Carpet. 407 x 290 cm.

Lot No:  98 (Jewellery)

A 9 carat Gold Ring set with twenty Nine round and fifty baguette diamonds, Total 1/2 carat Size: R 6.38 grams

Lot No:  100 (Coins)

Three Victorian Sterling Silver Crowns (1892, 1899, 1900) With An 1953 Five Shilling, with the legend "I will bear unto you faith and truth" along the rim.

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