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Tuesday, 12th April

Lot No:  1 (Rugs)

An antique Persian Senneh Kelim rug, wool on cotton with clover designs on a cobalt blue field contained with many borders

Lot No:  2 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A limited edition print of the Yuanmingyan "Garden of Perfect Brightness"

Lot No:  3 (Rugs)

An antique west Persian Kelim rug with triple diamond lozenges on a madder field contained by many borders

Lot No:  4 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A pair of limited edition etchings by David Bowyer "Ducks on a Pond" 55/150 and "Spring Walk" 36/200

Lot No:  5 (Rugs)

A large antique South Persian cushion

Lot No:  6 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A powerful double nude by Ernest Fuchs

Lot No:  7 (Glass)

An oversize counter display perfume bottle for "Venezia" by Laura Biagiotti, a stylish factice display bottle of Thierry Mugler's "Angel" and an attractive group of five glass atomisers

Lot No:  8 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A large acryllic painting of whales by artist Noel Ashton from the Cape Gallery

Lot No:  9 (General)

An antique oriental wall fan painted with white geese against a gold ground with green foliate decoration. Signed,

Lot No:  10 (General)

A hand forged door lock converted to a candlestick along with a cream toleware lamp

Lot No:  11 (General)

A Meiji period biri-biri Kanzashi Japanese hair ornament with elaborate and profuse silver and silver gilt details including cherry blossom, pine trees and cranes

Lot No:  12 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A gilt framed oil on board painting of monks in a passageway. Signed.

Lot No:  13 (Ceramics)

A fine early 19th century English porcelain cup and saucer with gilded and lustre decoration of a landscaped scene with figures to the foreground, four porcelain cups and saucers with colourful sprays of flowers signed Thomas, Bavaria. A French small porcelain bowl, possibly late 18th century and a Buckingham palace gilded porcelain mug.

Lot No:  14 (General)

An Edwardian mahogany inlaid tray of large proportions

Lot No:  15 (Ceramics)

A late Victorian or Edwardian ceramic biscuit box of cycling interest decorated with male and female cyclists, marks to the base WWC with a brown crown and registered number 247274

Lot No:  16 (Lighting)

A matching pair of candelabras converted to table lamps. Blackamoors supported by tropical foliage in the style of Meissen

Lot No:  17 (General)

An unusual cased pair of salts in the form of stylised gold fish with original salt spoons, signed R Montigny & Cie, Limoges

Lot No:  18 (Silver)

A pair of sterling silver sauce boats, Birmingham 1958, 256g

Lot No:  19 (Books)

A rare card game "Golliwog, A Round Game" with images from the Florence Upton books c1890-1900

Lot No:  20 (Silver)

12 pieces of Walker & Hall silver plated flatware from Captain Scott's yacht "Discovery".

Lot No:  21 (Books)

An early 20th century Alice in Wonderland card game produced by De La Rue comprising 48 pictorial cards in original slip case and a complete set of 48 Alice In Wonderland Carreras Arcadia works cigarette cards c1920's

Lot No:  22 (Silver)

A pair of sterling silver Georgian table spoons, later reworked, hallmarked London, 112g

Lot No:  23 (Books)

An original Soviet propaganda poster depicting a young woman with a Cyrillic slogan against a surrealist background.

Lot No:  24 (Silver)

A set of four matching sterling silver salts and matching salt spoons, Birmingham 1876, 184g

Lot No:  25 (Books)

A First Edition of Ian Fleming's book On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Lot No:  26 (Silver)

A pair of sterling silver napkin rings and sterling silver salad servers

Lot No:  27 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed and glazed gouache, a view of Fullers Brewery in Chiswick

Lot No:  28 (Silver)

A sterling silver sugar caster, Sheffield 1937, 166g

Lot No:  29 (Silver)

A fine quality English silver and cut glass spirit flask, Birmingham 1905, and a silver and enamel fob/medallion of a cricketer made by William Adams

Lot No:  30 (Rugs)

A Persian rug decorated with village and mosque scenes

Lot No:  31 (Silver)

A very stylish Art Deco English silver chalice with twin angel figures, makers marks for Charles Boynton 1941

Lot No:  32 (Rugs)

An antique north west Persian rug decorated with medals

Lot No:  33 (General)

A framed colour photograph of the World Title boxing fight between Ken Norton and Mohammed Ali signed in marker by Norton, the reverse with a photo of him actually signing the photo

Lot No:  34 (Rugs)

A Persian rug with tree of life motifs on a navy blue field contained with running borders

Lot No:  35 (Ceramics)

An unusual pottery vase by Zsolnay Pecs of Persian appearance of pierced designs and with triple holders

Lot No:  36 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed watercolour of a steam ship at sea

Lot No:  37 (Ceramics)

A large Oriental charger of cream colour with bold decoration in black of an entwined snake and a black dragon c1880-1900

Lot No:  38 (Furniture)

A 1930's heavily carved oriental coffee table

Lot No:  39 (General)

A miniature cricket bat commemorating the unbeaten Australian touring cricket team of 1948 with facsimillie signatures

Lot No:  40 (Lighting)

A 20th century empire style chandelier

Lot No:  41 (General)

A stylish trio of WMF chrome and gilt candlesticks of graduating size with spindle supports and globular sconces, a WMF spear shape dish, a stainless steel candleabra of innovative arched form, a contemporary candlestick of modern design and a metal and enamel candleabra

Lot No:  42 (Jewellery)

A 1970's Lawrence Urba French jet spider brooch

Lot No:  43 (Ceramics)

A French Vallauris vase of twist incentive form inscribed Antibes and an unusual stoneware money box of cube shape with Beefeater and Tower of London decoration

Lot No:  44 (Jewellery)

A diamante brooch by Zilli

Lot No:  45 (General)

An ivory carving of a bearded elder, circa 1910

Lot No:  46 (Jewellery)

A matching necklace and earrings set of faux aquamarine

Lot No:  47 (Glass)

A large 1960s/70s West German vase, makers mark for Carstens and an impressive large clear glass bowl of avant garde design, probably Scandinavian or Italian

Lot No:  48 (General)

A crocodile skin handbag

Lot No:  49 (Silver)

A superb Victorian English silver and blue leather Egyptian Revival purse with silver mounted corners and central plaque, with fitted interior. Hallmarked London 1889 and makers mark GHJ.

Lot No:  50 (Lighting)

A nickel plated desk lamp of overhanging form

Lot No:  51 (Glass)

A green glass trinket box of malachite appearance, a signed Italian glass murano paperweight, a green and brown vase with splash decoration after Sam Hermann, a small green glass tumbler and a Whitefriars orange glass paperweight.

Lot No:  52 (General)

A pair of silver plate classical form lamp bases of column form raised on a triform support

Lot No:  53 (General)

A card tray in the form of a monkey servant

Lot No:  54 (General)

A pair of silver plated corinthian column lamp bases

Lot No:  55 (Ceramics)

A collection of pot lids.

Lot No:  56 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A brass cased ships binocle

Lot No:  57 (General)

A late 19th / early 20th century Chinese cloisonne hinged box of rectangular form, the lid decorated with two dragons.

Lot No:  58 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A ceremonial dress sword with scabbard

Lot No:  59 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed original poster for a Degas exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art October 1988

Lot No:  61 (Silver)

A loose set of silver plated flatware "Princess" design

Lot No:  62 (Clocks)

A 19th century style continental porcelain clock decorated with putti and semi nude maidens

Lot No:  63 (Books)

A 20 volume set of International Library of Famous Literature dated 1899 with illuminated frontage page

Lot No:  64 (Ceramics)

A pair of oriental blue and white porcelain vases with flared rim decorated with figural scenes

Lot No:  65 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

"The Game of Life" by the artist McKenzie Thorpe issued as a limited edition of 995; a watch with a similar footballing image cased and signed by the artist along with a cased medallion and book all issued in conjunction with this unique art work

Lot No:  66 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A large collection of pictures, prints etc (12)

Lot No:  67 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A Victorian oil on canvas of still life of vegetables on a table

Lot No:  68 (Mirrors)

A front grille of a 1970's Jaguar XJ6 polished and mounted with a mirror

Lot No:  69 (General)

A collection of Beatles memorabilia comprising a large 1964 pencil case images of the group in blacki with facsimile signatures, a Beatles book circa 1970's, two rare Beatles records: one on Apple Japan "Act Naturally" and the other on Mexican rainbow Capitol label EP "Michelle", "Day Tripper" circa 1966 and a pair of 1960's Beatles handkercheifs

Lot No:  70 (Lighting)

A 1960's style "music stand" lamp

Lot No:  71 (Glass)

An unusual blue glass bowl, interior enamelled with a number of characters with gilded borders and white beaded edging in possible representation of the Commedia dell'Arte

Lot No:  72 (Mirrors)

A front grille from a 1960's Wolsey Hornet polished and mounted with a mirror

Lot No:  73 (Bronze)

An Art Deco bronze paper knife with scroll and relief decoration the top as a Pierette clown figure

Lot No:  75 (Jewellery)

An attractive collection of 35 costume brooches circa 1940s to 1980s

Lot No:  76 (Ceramics)

A Victorian closet set comprising soap dish, toothbrush holder, jug and bowl

Lot No:  77 (Ceramics)

A Royal Vienna porcelain group of a boy steering a bull

Lot No:  78 (General)

A Japanese red lacquer fire screen encompassing central lacquer screen detailed with mother of pearl figures

Lot No:  79 (General)

A Victorian leather jewellery casket

Lot No:  80 (General)

A Victorian rosewood and marquetry inlaid musical box

Lot No:  81 (Bronze)

A pair of bronze empire style candlesticks

Lot No:  82 (General)

A Malaysian Kris dagger with wooden scabbard plus an Asian water buffalo horn with handle

Lot No:  83 (General)

A Tiffanys Palomo Picassa ladies leather handbag

Lot No:  84 (General)

Two retro 1950's floor standing chromed ashtrays on columns

Lot No:  85 (General)

A pair of decorative reverse glass painted oriental monkeys in a painted frame

Lot No:  86 (General)

Small carved terracotta head of a votary with almond shaped eyes mounted on perspex base, the label on reverse attributing provenance to the Lawrence Cesnola Collection in Cyprus, possibly Hellenistic period.

Lot No:  87 (General)

Seven various vinyl records including Disney examples

Lot No:  88 (Jewellery)

A platinum ring set with five sapphires and four diamonds

Lot No:  89 (General)

A French gilt metal girandole together with one other wall sconce

Lot No:  90 (Jewellery)

An 18ct gold ring (marked 750) set with a cluster of six amethysts

Lot No:  91 (General)

A 19th century French pressed metal five branch wall sconce with applied flower decoration

Lot No:  92 (Ceramics)

An Aesthetic period meat salver decorated in the brown pallett

Lot No:  93 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A Folio containing approximately 15 handcoloured drawings of eastern influence

Lot No:  94 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Colour sketch of the City of London theme featuring the Royal Exchange, by Edwina Sandys (granddaughter of Winston Churchill) . Framed and glazed.

Lot No:  95 (General)

An oriental silk Kimono with hand stitched decoration

Lot No:  96 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A Simon Jones watercolour of a cathedral. Signed, framed and glazed.

Lot No:  97 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An unframed still life watercolour of flowers on a table

Lot No:  98 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An artist proof titled Olympiad One depicting horse, tiger and maiden. Signed. 58x68cm

Lot No:  99 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A framed and glazed watercolour of flowers

Lot No:  100 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

An oil on board scene of Piegusciano, Italy, by Christopher Hall.

Lot No:  101 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A parcel gilt framed print "The Right Honourable Lady Anne, Carington"

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