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Tuesday, 10th July

Lot No:  1 (Silver)

A hallmarked silver belt buckle of ecclesiastical design decorated with semiprecious stones

Lot No:  2 (General)

A Middle Eastern 19th century ivory walking stick of simulated bamboo design in three detachable sections with lion mask terminal

Lot No:  3 (Silver)

A Walker and Hall hallmarked silver three piece teaset comprising of teapot, sucrier and creamer together with a pair of hallmarked silver salts and spoons

Lot No:  4 (General)

A 19th century Balkan bowl chased with figures and animals and mythological creatures with raised central boss

Lot No:  5 (Silver)

A hallmarked Sterling silver salver

Lot No:  6 (General)

A glass dome on a turned wooden plinth

Lot No:  7 (Silver)

An 835 silver two branch candleholder

Lot No:  8 (Jewellery)

An 18ct white gold seven stone Princess cut diamond ring Size L+

Lot No:  9 (General)

Three Japanese carved netsukes in the form of elders carrying various instruments

Lot No:  10 (Jewellery)

A 9ct gold lady's dress ring set with an emerald cut pale blue stones Size J

Lot No:  11 (General)

A carved jadeite Buddha on scroll pierced wooden stand, a soapston Buddha, a carved wooden Buddha, a stone Buddha head, and a brass "four emotions" Buddha head

Lot No:  12 (General)

A Chinese teapot, a pressed glass claret jug, silver plated condiment set, a Chinese brass casket, two Chinese vases and a Persian metal miniature musical instrument

Lot No:  13 (General)

A white jade bangle

Lot No:  14 (Ceramics)

Two Chinese Yixin teapots with gilt and polychromatic decoration

Lot No:  15 (General)

A Thai bronze sculpture of a deity c1930 on a square wooden plinth Size K+

Lot No:  16 (Jewellery)

An 9ct gold lady's dress ring set with diamond chips Size K+

Lot No:  17 (General)

An oriental silk floral face screen, glazed and supported by pierced hardwood frame on tree scrolling supports

Lot No:  18 (Ceramics)

A Royal Doulton "Berkshire" part dinner service to include sauceboat, serving dishes, dinner plates, cups and saucers

Lot No:  19 (General)

A Chinese agate snuff bottle carved with a squirrel on a branch

Lot No:  20 (Silver)

A hallmarked silver sugar shaker with a Bristol blue glass liner (a/f), one other silver topped cut glass sugar shaker, a four bottle silver plated cruet and two wine carafes

Lot No:  21 (General)

A Chinese rock crystal netsuke, a carved nut nesuke and a boxwood example

Lot No:  22 (Books)

A Madonna book accompaned by her "Erotic" CD

Lot No:  23 (General)

A Chinese soapstone seal in a square box decorated with fruit

Lot No:  24 (General)

A Persian cigarette box, a serving tray with four tiles, a skipping rope, a Black Forest pipe, a North African carved and pierced wooden egg on stand, a wooden cream jug, an olive wood album and a West African ashtray

Lot No:  25 (General)

A Chinese Peking glass snuff bottle carved with dragons

Lot No:  26 (General)

Daniel Yeadon: A sculpture of a stylized fish relised in Pordoro marble

Lot No:  27 (Ceramics)

A quantity of ceramics to include a Japanese plate, two character jugs, a cottage ware mustard pot and a shell salad server

Lot No:  28 (Books)

A limited edition Harry Potter hardback book, signed by three of the actors and with original provenance

Lot No:  29 (General)

Two glass stem vases, an abalone shell, wooden bowl, three eggs, a glass "shell" bowl, a quartz gedde and table lamp with poppy seed shades

Lot No:  30 (Ceramics)

A turn of the last century Satsuma bowl

Lot No:  31 (General)

Darren Yeadon: A carrara marble sculpture of a hermit crab

Lot No:  32 (General)

A pair of resin frogs, a resin panther on a rock, a resin Buddha and a resin sheep and fox

Lot No:  33 (General)

A crackle glazed frog, a cast iron frog, two aluminium frogs and a ceramic frog (5)

Lot No:  34 (General)

A West African hardwood carving a a fertility symbol represented by a naked man carrying a woman

Lot No:  35 (Books)

A quantity of cigarette cards from the 1930s to include footballers, trains and cricketers

Lot No:  36 (General)

A Thai teak wood carving of a seated Buddha realistically carved on a shaped oval plinth

Lot No:  37 (General)

A carved jade pendant decorated with dragons and a phoenix

Lot No:  38 (General)

A jadeite pendant carved with a deity and a celadon jade pendant carved with an eagle and a tiger

Lot No:  39 (Bronze)

A Chinese bronze incense burner of cauldron form with elephant side handles and marks to the base

Lot No:  40 (Bronze)

A Chinese 19th century bronze incense burner with applied gilt roundels and two side handles on four peg feet, marked to the base

Lot No:  41 (Jewellery)

Two pairs of 9ct gold gentlemen's cufflinks together with six other pairs and a quantity of jewellery to include four pairs earrings and silver cross on a fine chain

Lot No:  42 (Books)

A collection of eight books on Hollywood stars, Marlon Brando, James Dean etc (8)

Lot No:  43 (General)

A quantity of novelty cork bottle stoppers

Lot No:  44 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Patricia Faulkner: An oil on board medieval style painting of allegorical figures in an orange grove

Lot No:  45 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

Patricia Faulkner: An oil on board medieval style painting of allegorical figures in a landscape

Lot No:  46 (General)

A Chinese Peking glass snuff bottle painted with figures on a donkey

Lot No:  47 (General)

A pair of well carved African soapstone busts of a man and a woman

Lot No:  48 (Jewellery)

A string of pearls with a 14ct white gold clasp

Lot No:  49 (General)

A Russian enamelled silver Kovsch

Lot No:  50 (Ceramics)

A large Chinese blue and white porcelain jardiniere decorated with underwater scenes

Lot No:  51 (Ceramics)

A Chinese blue and white vessel with animal handle, and decorated with flowers and birds

Lot No:  52 (General)

A Chinese Peking snuff bottle decorated with a fisherman

Lot No:  53 (Silver)

A hallmarked Sterling silver chocolate pot, six hallmarked silver topped cosmetic jars and a quantity of silver plated items including three piece teaset etc

Lot No:  54 (Ceramics)

A modern oriental teapot with pull off cover and dragon handle

Lot No:  55 (Jewellery)

A necklace of freshwater pearls and turquoise

Lot No:  56 (Ceramics)

A Moorcroft bowl decorated with incised flowers with two side handles, raised on a rim foot and signed to the base

Lot No:  57 (Jewellery)

An 18ct yellow gold ring set with three diamonds along with a a Singapore yellow metal ring (marks to the interior)

Lot No:  58 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A gilt wood and glass framed oil on canvas still life of apples on a branch

Lot No:  59 (General)

A Chinese white jade pendant carved with animals and fruit

Lot No:  60 (General)

A Chinese Famille Rose snuff bottle painted with dogs

Lot No:  61 (Jewellery)

A pair of enamel drop earrings with seed pearl decoration

Lot No:  62 (General)

A Chinese reverse glass painted snuff bottle decorated with birds in a landscape

Lot No:  63 (General)

A Chinese green jade bangle

Lot No:  64 (Books)

A collection of booklets of railway interest including signalling

Lot No:  65 (Oils, Watercolours, Prints)

A set of four antique framed oil on panel picture studies of birds

Lot No:  66 (Ceramics)

A Beleek first period lattice work porcelain basket together with two other Beleek porcelain vase each having brown stamp to the underside

Lot No:  67 (Jewellery)

An Emporio Armani necklace comprising a jet pendant, crucifix and Armani label, with a Seiko gentlemen's wristwatch

Lot No:  68 (Ceramics)

A Syrian Ottoman 17th century tile of square section decorated with tulip flowers and vines

Lot No:  69 (General)

Seven various antique and later framed prints to include London views together with a wall plaque of Temple Bar (8)

Lot No:  70 (General)

An oriental ivory carving of three pandas hiding in a bamboo branch all on carved wooden stand

Lot No:  71 (General)

A Rolleiflex vintage camera

Lot No:  72 (General)

An oriental netsuke in the form of a happy Buddha and another of a bearded figure and two frogs

Lot No:  73 (General)

A 19th century Chinese carved jadeite panel, bar pierced and flanked by dragons on four bracket supports

Lot No:  74 (General)

A well carved horses head crafted from an opal

Lot No:  75 (Clocks)

Three vintage leather cased travel clocks to include one Jaeger travel alarm clock

Lot No:  76 (Jewellery)

A group of Baltic amber jewellery to include necklace, earrings, and a ring

Lot No:  77 (Ceramics)

A mid 19th century continental circular porcelain snuff box with hinged cover decorated with classical female and putti

Lot No:  78 (General)

An African hardwood carving of a water buffalo on four wheels, the head swivelling to reveal a compartment

Lot No:  79 (General)

An African hardwood panel carved with a snake, horses, monkeys and humans

Lot No:  80 (Ceramics)

A Chinese 19th century aquamarine porcelain monochrome small Meiping shaped vase (11cm long)

Lot No:  81 (Rugs)

A Turkoman all silk rug brown ground with bird motifs and dark brown border

Lot No:  82 (Ceramics)

An Iznik 17th century pottery dish "Storm in a Teacup" design

Lot No:  83 (Glass)

A Venetian glass swan, a glass fish, two glass paperweights, a glass bird and an amethyst glass goblet

Lot No:  84 (General)

A Chinese bone inro, pierced and decoration with stylized leaves

Lot No:  85 (Rugs)

A Turkish fine wool rug in Arts and Crafts design in various shades of brown

Lot No:  86 (Bronze)

A cast bronze doormouse on a cast bronze naturalistic branch

Lot No:  87 (General)

A pair of 19th century Chinese wooden framed with polychromatic porcelain plaques decorated with figures in a landscape

Lot No:  88 (General)

A frog carved from a petrified tree, a carved soapstone frog, and a piece of a petrified tree (3)

Lot No:  89 (Books)

A postcard album comprising of many early 1900s and World War One postcards including many silk examples

Lot No:  90 (Ceramics)

***WITHDRAWN****A Chinese Famille Rose vase of hexagonal section decorated with dragons and flowers against a sky blue ground

Lot No:  91 (Ceramics)

A Chinese blue and white vase of rectangular section decorated household items, flowers and scrolls with character marks to base

Lot No:  92 (General)

A silver plated twin bottle wine cooler of oval fom

Lot No:  93 (General)

A group of World War Two medals comprising 1939-1945 star, Africa star with bar, Italy star, Defence medal and General Service Medal

Lot No:  94 (General)

A silver plated three tier cake stand

Lot No:  95 (Watches)

A Tag Heuer lady's stainless steel cased wristwatch with rotating bezel

Lot No:  96 (Books)

A collection of seven film and cinema annuals from the 1930s and 1950s

Lot No:  97 (General)

A World War One British war medal and Victory medal for Pte. G Bayley, King Edwards commemorative medal, British badge from 1910 Exhibition to Japan along with World War One French, Belgian and Victory miniatures along with photos and paperwork for Pte. G Bayley

Lot No:  98 (Bronze)

A Turkish Ottoman possibly 19th century bronze finial

Lot No:  99 (General)

A 19th century Japanese bamboo cylindrical tall brushpot decorated with a Samurai amongst a mountain background 29.5cm high

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